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By Magik
Redo the unturnov rules since it updated to 1.5 and I think protecting ur friends loot near spawn and there’s 4 nakeds going to ur friends loot u should be able to shoot them. Right now it is technically counted as spawn camping, if I don’t shoot they will get my friends loot either run with it or shoot me with my friends gun. It is a lose lose situation. When a person leaves spawn and shoots first we should be able to shoot back since they made contact first. Also make a pop up for when ur banned so it tells you that u got banned when u were offline.

TLDR: remake unturnov rules and pop up when banned offline to let you know
By Bat-Kat
defending your friends loot pile shouldnt be against the rules since you cant even spawn at the closest spawn location if theres anyone even remotely close to it.
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By Miku
It's very purposeful the rules are made this way. Otherwise you can easily get into a cycle of "kill you for loot, take your loot, someone else spawns, kill them, take their loot, etc". and then everyone's upset they got spawn camped. Besides that, literally anyone can claim "I was protecting loot" with no proof/etc.

Also, if you are banned offline, you can easily find out by trying to join the server. It will tell you what you're banned for, how to get more info, etc.