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By Ghostbandi_t
NS - Night Sentinels was originally founded in late 2018/early 2019 by Onestrive, Nanooptics, and Ghostbandi_t
It was just a group of friends playing many games together.

The Core Members (Onestrive, Nano, Nerothorn, Plutothorn Sage and Slasher.) that have been in NS have been playing Unturned Semi-Vanilla together since late 2019.

During 2021 Night Sentinels reopened and quickly gained some active members for its RP side

We are also a PvP based Unturned clan that is looking to dominate the Pandahut PVP Scene (Unturnov, KitPVP, Semi-Vanilla, ETC).

You can check what we've done from our members YouTube channels that you can find from #ns-clips in our discord server
You will need to have good Vanilla PvP skills that we demand from all of our members and of course very good teamwork and communication skills.

We wish to be considered number #1 clan of all time on both the PvP and RP side.
Glory to NS!

You can contact !Ghostbandi_t#9563 if you have any other questions in mind about NS.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOj8v ... x_JTbb636w
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