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By Babatunde
A new Staff Application has been submitted by Babatunde.
  • In-Game Name: Babatunde#8186 Discord Ingame name is babatunde
  • Age: 18
  • Rank Desired: Moderator
  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): 1PM To 3-6 PM
  • Time Zone: GMT1
  • Time (in Hours Total) I Have Been Playing at Pandahut: Overall Hours 105
  • SteamID64: 76561198832148645
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Staff Member(s) That Have Vouched for my ability: None
  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: Yes
  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof: 1.Blis Roleplay Jr.Administrator
    2.Retrospecs Bootleg Jr.Administrator
    3.DarkTwilight Network Moderator
    4. Ack Network Moderator
    5.Nordic Network/military RP Moderator
    6.Valkryie Bootleg Head Administrator
    7.Ravis Network Senior Administrator + Developer
    8.Unturned Territory Wars Senior Moderator
    9.Cheezy Creative RP Moderator
    10. Crysis of Clans Moderator

    I also got proof i can provide it in dms Screenshots/Video
  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: think i should Become Staff beacuse i have a Huge Experience in Being Staff Aswell as i can be active alot i been staff 10+ Times on Different Servers Huge onces Specially and its time to Tryout Pandahut Network To help the Community and Members as much as i can im Applying Beacuse i really love Helping people with Questions Reports and Other Stuff that Staff is Meant to deal with i know how to deal with alot of Situations Possible Hackers Multiple people Screaming Micspamming and so on i cant really answer much about this question but as i said i think i can get alot of people Punished for there Actions aka Breaking Rules and i think i can actually make the New members and other members Welcome and Safe on the server and make them not worry about Any Hackers Toxic people Micspammers and so ye! thanks For your time Reading my application I'm looking forward to working for Pandahuts Staff Team and Ye! Hopefully i get accepted if your not sure and u want more
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By Babatunde
- How would you deal with a situation involving multiple people arguing in world chat and ignoring you when you've told them to stop?: Well First of all if i saw multiple people Arguing in Global/Area Chat i would tell them to stop it or continue in Discord dms or somewhere else beacuse it can Effect other people to start Arguing aka joining the Arguement and thats not what i want if they dont Stop after 2-3 Warnings given i will Mute or Kick as a Last Chance warning and Expalain to them why are they Muted/Kicked and why they should stop

- If somebody was disrespecting another player, what would you do?: if Some one Was Disrespecting a Fellow Player on the server i will ask them why are they doing it if he ignores my Question i will tell him to stop atleast 3 Times if he doesent i will Mute him Or kick as i said as a last chance warning after the mute if he continues i will prob Ban if really Needed

- Will you actively moderate the forums and assist in appeals/reports?: Of course its my job to Help Members and new members with Questions Reports and Forums and Ban appeals if i have the permmission to do it and so on if i dont do it that will mean im lazy or a Bad Moderator/Staff member so Basically The Answer is Yes

- What would you do if you were on duty (You'd be in godmode or vanish) and you're fighting another person and end up killing him and then realise you were on duty?:if i was in /god or /vanish by Accident During Pvp and i kill him and he says abuse or something to make me Realise i was in a staff command aka God or Vanish if he doesent say that and he was looking at me i was prob Vanish anways if i did kill him and i was in god or vanish i will get out of god or vanish and Say Sorry to The Guy and give him his stuff back and Extra for a Sorry but i will always make sure im not on duty or /god /vanish if im not in a staff Situation

- What would you do if you suspected somebody of cheating?: Well if its a report of a Possible Hacker i will respond to the Ticket/support Message and ask him Questions aka the Reporter like What Server Hacker Name Map and so on and ask him what happend so i know how to deal or catch him in act if its aimbot or something i will do /vanish then /tp to him and watch for like 5minuts then if nothing sus is going on i will /spy for like 5minuts then i will get a gun and do /vanish /tp to him and then go out of vanish and try to pvp him to see i OFC wont try to kill him i will mostly be hiding behind walls and testing his aim and so on cuz i dont wanna kill him cuz im noot 100% if his hacking but if i get killed and i think its a hack i will do the same thing investigate as much as possible

- Have you acknowledged our rules and promise to obey them accordingly?: Yes i Know All the Rules and i promise to Follow them And also One more thing i had Toxicity/Salty History in The passed and if it Effects my Accept Chance i promise i changed and i wont be Racist Toxic or mean to Members or Staff :D

- How many hours can you moderate per day?: Atlaest 5 Hours or more

- Do you agree to screenshot or gather any evidence you can when you ban someone?: Yes i can Record 24/7 aka when im on dutty with OBS studios

- Do you agree to never abuse or harass other players via message or voice chat?: Yes i Agree if i dont Agree or if i do it that can Result in me geting Demoted Striked or Kicked From staff and its not Worth it even if its worth it i aint that type of guy to use staff commands against other people or for Revenge

- Do you agree that if you are found out to be a different age than the one you applied with, you are subject to instant demotion? If not, please post your real age now: I Agree on this and im 18

- Do you agree to always being professional and never harass or get angry at a player for insulting/mocking/teasing you?: Yes i Agree!

- Do you agree to never be biased and If you believe you are being biased step out of the situation and get another moderator to assist you?: Yess i agree!

- Do you agree to always be truthful to players and other staff members and under no circumstances lie?: Yes i agree

- Do you agree to not cause unneeded drama and always attempt to not disturb players?: Yes i agree

- Do you promise to maintain a professional attitude towards users of all ages?: i promise

- Do you promise to only go on-duty when it is absolutely needed and not because you need to leave? i promise
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By Nicolas
Could work on hours
Good description
Has a long list of administrative experience
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By Astro
What led you to leaving the past 10 server networks you were staff on? How do we know that you will be committed to the role?
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By Babatunde
Blis Roleplay i Retired As Staff

Valkryie Bootleg i left the Server Reason: Co Owner Being Abusive and the hole srv going to Hell

Nordic Military i left beacuse of dump Management + Racism srv also got demoted from O1 to WO1 so ye

Ack Network got Framed for Abuse

Crysis of Clans left beacuse of dumb rules

Im still staff in Ravis Server and Territory wars

Darktwilight i got Framed for Hacking on 2day as staff no proof

i will actually Stay as Staff on Pandahut for a year or so Depends what comes in my life or will i need to retire or take a huge Break aka on leave but Reason i will Be commited to the role is in the passed 10 + server Experiences i left or retired beacuse of good reasons and rn i dont really see a reason why i should Retire any time soon on pandahut staff if i do make it or leave but i might Retire as i said in a year or 6-12months :hystericalpanda:
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By Astro
Past experience (confirmed via DM)
Helps out fellow players
Active in game and in Discord

Semi recent ban on record for harassment


Disrespectful to players in game. Recently muted.

Overall: -1