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By SoLow
SgT_Alex wrote: April 7th, 2021, 3:02 pm So im guessing i will know the answer in the next days, maybe tomorrow.
Some people have had there pvp applications out for a month maybe 2 by now. A few +1's it nice but not an insane amount. Just be patient and what many people mistake is asking. Also try not to comment on your own application it is considered bumping your app and it doesn't help.
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By Nyaika
Never seen you before but you seem swell!
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By Pablo Escobar.
Pablo Escobar himself has entered the building!

Pablo approves of this application. Solid hours, solid experience.

Pablo certifies that this application has been carefully examined and read, and that it is approved by Pablo Escobar himself.

- Pablo Escobar
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By progress

Very Active