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By Wolfe862
A new Staff Application has been submitted by Wolfe862.
  • In-Game Name: ttv-snowR1P, a.k.a. Wolfe. killjoy#1337
  • Age: 19, 20 in August
  • Rank Desired: Moderator
  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): Weekdays 5PM to 01-02AM of the next day
  • Time Zone: EST
  • Time (in Hours Total) I Have Been Playing at Pandahut: Around 250 at time of application, but I have been playing since 2017.
  • SteamID64: 76561198301760563
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Staff Member(s) That Have Vouched for my ability: N/A
  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: Yes
  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof: N/A
  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: Because I have been playing on PH for almost 3-4 years now, and would like to further my reach in the server and help new players whenever I can with the experience I have gained.

    - How would you deal with a situation involving multiple people arguing in world chat and ignoring you when you've told them to stop?:

    Ask them politely both to stop, and if they continue to pursue the arguement, mute them for 5-10 minutes for ignoring staff and/or player diss.
    - If somebody was disrespecting another player, what would you do?:

    Warn them verbally for player diss, then mute if they continue.

    - Will you actively moderate the forums and assist in appeals/reports?:


    - What would you do if you were on duty (You'd be in godmode or vanish) and you're fighting another person and end up killing him and then realise you were on duty?:

    Return his loot to him, and add anything extra of mine that I have. (Quest items, guns, extra ammo, etc.$

    - What would you do if you suspected somebody of cheating?:
    Go into vanish and investigate the player, then make a decision based on whatever evidence I have gathered.

    - Have you acknowledged our rules and promise to obey them accordingly?:


    - How many hours can you moderate per day?:

    8-9, 24 on weekends.

    - Do you agree to screenshot or gather any evidence you can when you ban someone?:


    - Do you agree to never abuse or harass other players via message or voice chat?:


    - Do you agree that if you are found out to be a different age than the one you applied with, you are subject to instant demotion? If not, please post your real age now :


    - Do you agree to always being professional and never harass or get angry at a player for insulting/mocking/teasing you?:


    - Do you agree to never be biased and If you believe you are being biased step out of the situation and get another moderator to assist you?:


    - Do you agree to always be truthful to players and other staff members and under no circumstances lie?:


    - Do you agree to not cause unneeded drama and always attempt to not disturb players?:


    - Do you promise to maintain a professional attitude towards users of all ages?:


    - Do you promise to only go on-duty when it is absolutely needed and not because you need to leave?:

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By Wolfe862
I forgot to mention on the hours that I am currently an Air Traffic Control operator in the Army, and my hours might change. The hours I posted are for when I am on day shift. For night shift, I can work from 01AM to 1130AM. I can also give proof if needed.
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By Miku

Thanks for your interest in being a PvP Staff Member.

At this time, we are waiting to decide on this application until you get some more feedback.

You can ask others in-game or in discord ( to give you feedback on your application (as long as you aren't paying them for false good feedback :p).

Everything else looks fine, you have more than enough hours in the past two weeks.

You can always see your full profile @