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Pandahut Official PvP Staff Application Terms and Rules
  • All Staff Applications are subject to these terms and rules.
  • 1.0 All of these terms and rules are subject to change at any time and consequences are dependent on the staff member and situation. Any posted consequence is a general guideline suggesting they have broken no other rule.
  • 1.1 If you have less than 10 hours in the past two weeks in PvP, you are given a warning, 10 days after that warning if you still do not have 10 hours in the past two weeks on PvP or above you will be Declined for the time being and you are free to reapply at a later date. You also need at least 150 hours total on PVP (not including RP). You can check your two week hours for PvP via the Discord bot (!recentpvptime) or stats.pandahut.net
  • 1.2 If your application is more than 10 days old and you have no feedback, your application will be Declined for the time being and you are free to reapply at a later date.
  • 1.3 Bumping or unnecessarily posting on your application will lower your chances of being Accepted and you will be given a warning if you continue this behaviour after this warning you will be Declined for the time being and you are free to reapply at a later date.
  • 1.4 If you are permanently banned on all servers then your application will be Declined instantly and you may not re-apply until you are unbanned.
  • 1.5 If your application is Declined you may not make another for one month. If you unnecessarily make applications or are repeatedly Declined and continue to make applications you are subject to punishment depending on the situation and staff member.
  • 1.6 If you harass or attack anyone on your application, you will be instantly Declined for the time being and you are free to reapply at a later date.
  • 1.7 If you are under 16 years old you must get an age skip in order to apply (If you are under 13, you cannot apply):
    • 1.7.1 In order to get an age skip, you need to get 3 referrals from PvP Pandahut Moderators. These must be PvP Moderators or Super Moderators. Alternatively, you can receive one referral from a PvP Administrator.
      Trial Moderators or Server Administrator / Community Administrator cannot give age skip referrals
    • 1.7.2 If you make an application and you are under 16 years old your application will be instantly Declined for the time being and you can apply when you have 3 referrals.
    • 1.7.3 TL;DR: You may not make an application if you are under 16 and you do not have 3 referrals or 1 from an administrator.

  • 1.10 Your application is not guaranteed to be Accepted or Denied based on referrals.
  • 1.11 Just because the rule you broke is not listed exactly, does not mean you cannot be punished for it. Please use common sense.
  • 1.12 You may not apply for admin.
  • 1.13 Do not spam any staff about your application for referrals or to be Accepted. It will not help your application.
  • 1.14 Bribing other players and/or staff members for vouches or positive feedback is strongly prohibited.
  • 1.15 Please be patient as we get many applications and try our best to sort through them all.

Pandahut Official Questions for Applicants

- How would you deal with a situation involving multiple people arguing in world chat and ignoring you when you've told them to stop?:

- If somebody was disrespecting another player, what would you do?:

- Will you actively moderate the forums and assist in appeals/reports?:

- What would you do if you were on duty (You'd be in godmode or vanish) and you're fighting another person and end up killing him and then realise you were on duty?:

- What would you do if you suspected somebody of cheating?:

- Have you acknowledged our rules and promise to obey them accordingly?:

- How many hours can you moderate per day?:

- Do you agree to screenshot or gather any evidence you can when you ban someone?:

- Do you agree to never abuse or harass other players via message or voice chat?:

- Do you agree that if you are found out to be a different age than the one you applied with, you are subject to instant demotion? If not, please post your real age now:

- Do you agree to always being professional and never harass or get angry at a player for insulting/mocking/teasing you?:

- Do you agree to never be biased and If you believe you are being biased step out of the situation and get another moderator to assist you?:

- Do you agree to always be truthful to players and other staff members and under no circumstances lie?:

- Do you agree to not cause unneeded drama and always attempt to not disturb players?:

- Do you promise to maintain a professional attitude towards users of all ages?:

- Do you promise to only go on-duty when it is absolutely needed and not because you need to leave?:

- What is your first language and what other languages do you speak?:
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