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By Uynix
It would be really nice if I could get the chance to talk to someone in the discord about my ban because it has been 9 months and yesterday I posted in the appeal forums and got 0 help besides someone saying appeal in discord how could I possibly appeal if i'm banned from discord then I got no further help when i asked is there any staff or anyone who can actually help in anyway so far every interaction with any staff has been terrible it would be nice to get some real help thank you.
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By iMC
Hello, you may appeal your Discord ban first at

If your Discord ban gets accepted, then you may appeal your PVP ban on the Pandahut Discord server.
By Uynix
@iMC I did and all that was said to me was apply at discord so can you explain to me how I am supposed to apply in discord if I can't get into the discord and nobody has replied to my ban appeal in there yet since yesterday can you please actually help me its been 9 months
By Uynix
also i typed out a long explanation yesterday it was really long and I wasn't told if i was accepted or not or anything all spyless said was go to the discord could you maybe give the one I submitted yesterday another look possibly or is it possible to speak to someone directly?
By Uynix
Are we really just not saying anything to me?? How is staffing this bad holy shit I mean I get banned because they were in there feelings and literally said to me they were gonna abuse power because they can and I can’t even get a response why are you acting like some big corporation this is a fucking baby game with babies playing it and babies running it can someone help me how hard is that really I shouldn’t have to put so much effort into simply getting a normal response