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By Fillin 26ph
Well, what kind of negligent attitude, this is fucked up, they don’t give a fuck, it’s crystal clear that I want to play and waited a month and 4 days, every week I write an application, which is rejected without complaint, and this time it’s completely negligent treatment - here is the conversation on discord - here's the conversation on discord - here is the conversation on discord - follow the link and you will see that the Administrator is lazy and answers, and some leftist, who didn’t even write an SMS in my complaint, closes the complaint, why is the question yes? because they don’t give a fuck about us, the main thing for them is to be online on the servers and get money
because I said that I didn’t build this dick, I added a stranger to the team and he stood there, but I was banned for calling flags, and I already wrote to you 1000 times, you don’t answer me, then you ignore me - you reject the application without explanations of the reasons - you follow the link, you will be unbanned, the dick works there - they all lie and ignore
No matter how many times I apologized and wrote that I realized my guilt, I read all the rules of PVP servers from top to bottom
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By TomatoChunks
A month? That's nothing. Go play real Tarkov.