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Hello Pandas,

Avidation here once more to say farewell to Pandahut. I'd like to leave with a message that this community is one of the most positive and uplifting that I have had the privilege to be a part of. I lost the time to fulfil my commitment, however, which is why this message is being posted today.
With that being said, I'd like to outright state something that I have held for 234 days up until this moment. Some will recognise the large part, but most may be intrigued by the rest.
First of all, I am not American. I am not from Minnesota, nor have I left my state of Queensland. This was a cover for my accent and voice, which I believed at the time would hinder my progress.
Secondly, to all of whom I mentioned playing at Pandahut during late 2016-early 2017 on a different account which had since been forgotten. This was yet another cover as any untrustworthy individual could easily take my identity and report me.
You might be thinking, "who is this guy? Why are they even here if they're just acting, playing a part this entire time?" It's because I couldn't leave you, Pandahut. Goodbye, and stay the way you are. I'll be back as soon as possible.

- Kaz

P.S. There was no time in which I felt 'revenge' for demotion as Kaz was required. I understand that my staff position was removed due to inactivity at that time, as it would had I not submitted this today. If you make a commitment, stick to it as long as you reasonably can. That applies to everything, not just Pandahut.
It's one thing to come to Queensland, but to be BORN there is next level cringe.

Also, goodbye Avid you will be missed.
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My life is a lie
Goodbye avid I luv you,I won't forget ya buddy.
And btw "I never pay my tickets"
:cry: :heart:
Little does anyone know, I've known about all of this for a day or two.

It was a very hard secret to keep lol

Bye avid, you will be missed. Let's hope you don't get banned or smthng
Goodbye, Avid. Was fun flying a heli to get a picture for you, and you getting doughnuts from me too. In general, just seeing you around. Was fun. Hope to see you around again some time.
Goodbye fella
Goodbye, it was nice to see you even for the short time I have been here
It was nice working alongside you on the RP staff team.

I don't really know about this "Kaz" issue (I'm still relatively new), but I guess it's been sorted now.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavours. Come visit us soon.