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By PrescriptionAdderall
Greetings, I am PrescriptionAdderall. I am typically addressed as "Pres", "Add", or "Prescription".
I am a fairly inactive player, I hop onto RP#10 every once in a while, rarely doing anything of value, though I do intend to change that.
I operate the Adderall Law Firm, located in the Western suburb of Seattle, it is the single-story brown house with transparent windows near the baseball field.
As you might be able to tell, I am a Lawyer, for all that's worth. Currently I am in a fairly uninteresting position, as most players see no value in hiring a lawyer.
I plan to introduce a lawsuit system to RP#10, which would make lawyers more useful, but I'll save that discussion for another time.
As for me in-game, I am fairly serious, but have a sense of humor. I know the laws of RP#10 quite well, including all the ways they are exploitable. I am easily discernable from other players due to my unique outfit and butterfly knife.
I suppose that's all there is to say about myself, if you wish to contact me regarding legal matters, I would recommend doing so on Discord, as I am much more rapid to respond there.
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By DannyBoi
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By PrescriptionAdderall
I've decided to leave Pandahut. #10 was my only interest and at this point I have no confidence that it is being taken in the right direction. I might possibly return in the future, but I doubt it. I'd delete my account if I knew how, but it's not of much consequence.
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