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By candyvan
First and foremost I'm not sure if yall have seen my mayor thingy at Seattle for mayor but I'm pretty unconfident so I don't think I'm gonna run. But,
I'm thinking of a mayor debate somewhere on December 4th, I'm looking for suggestions when, maybe a balance of people living in Europe and America, with people on the other side, somewhere in the morning for the westerners and midnight for those in the east.

basically its a debate for two Mayoral Candidates
They MUST have a mic, those who never talk can just sit and watch, I will be the moderator and I will try to make the venue as SOON as I see two candidates with mics and people willing to come.
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By Blew
I would participate as a candidate but i don’t have a mic. Blew 2020
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By nbhIsHere
ill watch if i can get on that time
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By Mr. Wheezer
I'll see what I can do I'll write a whole ass speech to get in
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By candyvan
Mr. Wheezer wrote: November 26th, 2020, 8:10 pm I'll see what I can do I'll write a whole ass speech to get in
fuck it two whole ass speeches, Aite we have 1 person, one more, and ill set the date and time.
possibly the day (Hopefully) i return from my punishment/vacation which coincidentally is the day after I'm finished with me exams :frozen: