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By Miku
Remember to pick wisely as the winner will be mayor for the entire month, unless they resign. If this does happen, the Mayor position will go to the next candidate with the most votes. Mayors have the ability to change the current state laws, so make your vote count!

How to vote:
In-game, you can do /elect to see your vote options, which as of right now are: WyattL, Progress, MattNewton, andnaboka
For example, /elect Progress.
To see the results, you can do /election.

All those who have registered to run for Mayor are on the ballot. On this thread, you are able to make your opinions known, but please keep the arguments to a minimum. If the arguments get out of hand they may be deleted by a moderator without warning!

Voting Rules
1. All candidates and participants are allowed to make their opinions known, but please keep the arguments to a minimum in this thread. If any argument gets out of hand the posts may be deleted by a moderator without warning!
2. Alternate accounts are not allowed. We are able to check who is who so if you make an alternate account to vote we will instantly disqualify you. This includes real-life friends.
3. Accounts with less then 40 hours will not be able to vote.
4. No corruption (AKA paying for votes)

The new Mayor will be announced on the 16th

Good luck to all the candidates!
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By Matty
I will rebuild BH City, and have all BH Soldiers protect the city from ALL RP EVENTS. You will no longer be raided / kidnapped / arrested / robbed here. It is clear that BH is better than PPF, they are not strong enough to protect you. If you want roleplay to be more as a community and safe, vote for me. I will run a BH Police force to oversee the city aswell.
Will be having jobs that citizens can interact with, anyone can make bamboo.
Collecting wood, scavenging for loot, etc will all be bought by BH and will give everyone profits. You can then use this to buy an apartment. Giving everyone the chance to have their own safe place that lasts way more than a day. They will last weeks, with insurance included.

Vote for me, Matt Newton, Leader of Blackhats.