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By Helena
As some of you know, due to an issue last night the event thread was lost so i will pick up from where i left it

Rules are simple
- I will be hiding specific items around all of washington
- You may find this items to claim a juicy bounty! (Rewards will vary on how the event goes)
-Upon finding the item you need to screenshot the spot where you found it and show me the screenshot on Discord, there is no other way around this!
-First person to show me the screenshot wins the prize for the respective item, no third parties allowed!
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By Helena
This is a reminder to anyone interested. Hints may be given overtime. For now all you can know is that is somewhere in the south half of the map!

The bounty for the object rises as time passes, reaching for a fat 15k
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By Helena
As time passes no one has managed to find the Pitchfork, raising its bounty towards 20K or more!

A second trasure has been placed on the map, keep your eyes peeled for:
Flektarn Flashlight
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By Liona
ya boy find the first one
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By Helena
Liona wrote:ya boy find the first one
the pitchfork has been found, liona has been awarded 25k!

The flektarn flashlight is still on the loose! more treasures will be put around throughout the weeks so stay sharp!
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By Helena
Captain_Price wrote:Get REKT!
I Found It
The flektarn flashlight was found and price was awarded 15k