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By Bat-Kat
had the idea to make a bank with savings and interest, with loans and shit so here we are

Are you interested in taking out a loan for a house, car, or any financial investment?
Are you interested in making the money that you keep in your balance worthwhile and have it increase while not in use?

Welcome to the Washington Central Bank.
Note, this is not by any means going with the rules of actual banks and interest rates, just a lil bit simplified. I know the bare minimum about banks and interest so im using simple interest (Interest = principal amount * rate * time) for everything with the same rate on everything which will just be 4.5%

We will have a discord ( where you can apply for mortgages, car loans, and just simple money loans.
Mortgages will be calculated based on the amount of units, which will then also depend on the planned contents and wall structure and material.

Savings accounts can be made by contacting me (bat kat) in game with an amount you'd like. Our interest rate is, again, 4.5%, and we will have biweekly compounding. Every 2 weeks your account will go up by 4.5%, with it increasing more the longer you keep it in (low number * 4.5% = big number, then big number * 4.5% = bigger number)
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By GrandpaHoovie
Nice, can u put disc inv here
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By Bat-Kat
nvm gamer idea failed, no way to enforce loan pay back
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This idea was suggested long time ago and then bat kat came here and started it i hope it goes well