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Who should be the Mayor for the month of October?

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Here you guys can vote for the next Mayor. Remember to pick wisely as the winner will be mayor for the entire month, unless they resign. If this does happen, the Mayor position will go to the next candidate with the most votes. Mayors have the ability to change the current state laws, so make your vote count!

All those who have registered to run for Mayor are on the ballot. On this thread, you are able to make your opinions known, but please keep the arguments to a minimum. If the arguments get out of hand they may be deleted by a moderator without warning!

Voting Rules
1. All voters must have at least 40 total hours on Pandahut roleplay servers.
2. All candidates and participants are allowed to make their opinions known, but please keep the arguments to a minimum in this thread. If any argument gets out of hand the posts may be deleted by a moderator without warning!
3. Alternate accounts are not allowed. We are able to check who is who so if you make an alternate account to vote we will instantly disqualify you. This includes real-life friends.
4. Unknown, brand new accounts that cannot be matched up with an in-game account in any way will have their votes removed.
5. Brand new accounts with zero to few posts and/or less than 40 total in-game hours on our Roleplay servers will have their votes removed.
6. No corruption (AKA paying for votes)

The new Mayor will be announced on the 10th.

Good luck to all the candidates!
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By Curmudgeon
I hope one of the newer candidates ends up winning.
We need new blood, not mayors and corrupt members who have been probing Pandahut for months!
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By NeedlessMemeing
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By Elwin
MattCobra 4ever. Jacklay declared to support/fund berry farming and crimes, if he got mayor. And also he is paying for vote! No criminals in Washington!

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By Jacklay43
A vote for PeachyPoro is a vote for:

-Universal Based Income ($5,000-$10,000 weekly) for low income players

-Public insured and protected vaults

-More funding dedicated towards small businesses and start ups

-Revival of the cabinet system lost in Mayor MattCobra's term

-New laws that benefit all players, not just the police force

-Relaxed ticket prices and jail times

-New public buildings such as mega farms, business centers, court house, and prisons
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By BrotherChiChi
Hello Citizens of Washington,
Many of you don't know me so i'll introduce myself. I am BrotherChiChi, I have around 100 hours on PandaHut #10 and I have great things planned for this state. If I was your mayor I would like to focus on police interactions with the public. Officers have reportedly been either inexperienced or have not been taught how to help the general public. Instead, they kill or bully new players out of the server. I would like to impliment a Police Training School where officers learn how to do commands and learn how to properly arrest/ticket players. This would give the server a more experienced and knowledgable class of officers. Officers will also be taught how to teach their prisoners how to: pay tickets, license guns and, inform them whats legal and whats not. I would also like to implement a form of public transport across washington so players have the opportunity to branch out away from seattle reducing the amount of builds in the city. Also, with the town budget making a farmers market outside one of the towns with wooden buildings, this will encourage players to trade more with other fellow players. I believe that Mayor Matt Cobra has done a good job but he isn't doing enough. A vote for ChiChi is a vote for a united and better city. Thank You
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By Jacklay43
A vote PeachyPoro is a vote for:

-PUBLIC EVENTS which Mayor MattCobra has failed to provide (WITH CASH PRIZES)

-Public stock market (Based on the real life stock DOW Jones)

-Public investment firms

-Stabilizing taxes and preventing money from going into a black hole

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By MattCobra
I dont have to say much, if you would like to read more into my policies, they are linked here

I'd like to say the following though.

Jacklay is a criminal and would use his criminal platform to advance the Triads.
BrotherChiChi, whilst yes they are a good RPer, I often see them as a bandit, which makes me question whether or not they have an ulterior motive.

I invite all of my opponents to a live recorded debate, if you feel as though you are qualified to moderate a debate, please let me know.

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