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Who should be the Mayor for the month of October?

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By MattCobra
Curmudgeon wrote: October 9th, 2020, 8:46 am He's encouraging protest against the horrible status quo of your government, Mattaddy
No, he is committing crime, more specifically, political crime.

Also the status quo of my "horrible government". Question- how do you know ANYTHING happening in game? You don't. You are ignorant to the current events of the server and as a result, your opinions are unfounded. You also arent part of the government in fact I would argue that you are hardly part of this community anymore. I think that Needless said it best when he said
What I wish to inquire into is 'why?' Why are you wasting your time? What is it about MattCobra running for mayor that has you so riled up that you must type essay-length responses to try and defame him? I really, really, want to know why this is so important to you? Your reply sounds like you are on the edge of calling Matt a slur. I am under the belief that you have quit the server, so why is it necessary for you to continue accusing Matt of so many immediately-debunked claims? This is borderline obsessive, and the fact you are dedicating so much time to a server which you are no longer part of, nay a community which you are no longer part of, begs the question: 'why?'

All I am after is an answer.
Like, seriously - what actually compels you to straight up lie to people on the forums about events which you know very little about. Anyone in game can comment on the economic prosperity, the more active police departments and judicial system. So why do you feel the best use of your time is to mislead and lie?
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By Miku
Hello Pandas.

After performing our investigation, we found multiple accounts voting from the same IP, as well as a wealth of users who either did not have 40 hours, or absolutely could not be matched up with an in-game account (no IP match, no name match, no identifying posts on accounts).
4. Unknown, brand new accounts that cannot be matched up with an in-game account in any way will have their votes removed.
Final Tally:
MattCobra: 38
Lawyer: 30

MattCobra has won, congratulations.

We hope you have all enjoyed this election.