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By Matty
Dear Pandas

It has come to my attention that the community has been having a bad taste for blackhats and its wild members. I apologize for not taking action earlier, but here are the changes we will make.

- We implemented a strike system, so members will have strict rules in where evil is being taken too far.
- Every few days, we will be giving back to the community in where is needed. BH City will be cheaper to live in, and we have started to impliment whitelists for roleplayers that are not cops to be able to live in Seattle with peace.
- Report a Blackhat : If you see a blackhat harassing you, please DM me through discord : Deazo#5539
- We will implement jobs for new players for scavenging supplies such as glue, explosives, and items from military base to bring to us to have a cut from the profits once said items are sold.
- We will open shops for MRE's and medical supplies to provide back to the community.
- Have other groups or players threaten you? Pm me through the game (Matt Newton) or discord and we will take care of it for you.

I hope you can see a change from how we operate from now on. We are still a mafia, but we are against cops, not civilians. Now if you start fights with blackhats, thats another story, but if you remain passive, we will help.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.