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GSF illegal gun&drug traficking and protection

Unread postPosted:June 20th, 2021, 10:25 pm
by AnarchyMachinehello
Hello guys grove street families selling truck full of dopes and guns for cheap. So you can sell it to streets or use it. We also recruiting gangsters and dope dealers.

Van full of berries (80): 5000$
Van full of pistols (10) 3500$
Van full of smgs (8) 4500$
Van full of shotguns (7) 5000$
Van full of rifles (7) 5500$
Van full of sniper rifles (7) 5500$
Van full of frag grenades (30) 10000$
We also sell everything seperately

We can protect your bases/ assasinate the targets/ rob them/ kidnap them/ raid them for you.