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Hello Pandas,

It's no secret that Pandahut #13 flopped. There are so many reasons why it flopped that going into each and every reason would be pointless, but the point remains that it flopped. It's currently in an unplayable state due to the near non-existential shop, the housing crisis, the rules, and a few other major things. A big issue with Pandahut #13 was the lack of additional input. I have gone through all of the #beta-suggestions suggestions and gathered up the ones that would work and could be used as inspiration. With all these issues, some known and some unknown, I've taken the time to flesh out issues, but I am still not finished. What I need now is your input and high IQ. I'll list some of the changes on here (not all can be listed entirely, so I will do a TLDR of the ones I can't).
Whitelisted Roleplay
I've toiled and poked at the idea of a whitelisted roleplay server for quite some time now. One of the issues with Pandahut #13 was the learning curve of new players. New players would have no clue what to do and how to do it. Everything I have theorized about recently has been with the idea that it would be whitelisted RP. In my own opinion, Pandahut #13 as it stands now is too much of a whitelisted roleplay server without actually being a whitelisted roleplay server. The rules were the major reason why I believe this to be the case. I'll be sharing the rules at some point in this post so you all can get feedback on it. Note that the rules have not been fully fleshed out. As of right now, Pandahut #13 will be moving to a whitelisted roleplay server once everything is finished and added. The restrictions on who can join will be loose in the beginning, and if it succeeds, then the restrictions will get tighter over time. I plan on having an application process, but this won't be fully released till I have it finished. Give me feedback on how to do it though!
The Housing Crisis
To those few players still around that remember how bad the prices were on any Buy Zones would understand this. The lack of money-making practices and sky-high pricing made roleplay centralized in different areas of the map. New players couldn't afford to live anywhere and there were only three main cities. This has all been changed. Now, nearly all prefabs in the map can be bought and the old prices have been drastically lowered. Keep in mind that Alberton will still remain the highest priced city, but it is very affordable when compared to the future soon-to-be fleshed out money-making methods. A few things that were added for Buy Zones is Charlottetown, Montague, all farms, Scorpion-7, Holman Isle, Aircraft Carrier, and more! Some of those locations will have special server sign shops to provide an edge over other roleplayers to let you get ahead of everyone else!
Server Sign Shops
Places like Gas Station, Botanist, the Bunker (will get its own section in the post because of the major changes to it and the Island), etc. was not fleshed out. You could barely buy anything to support a roleplay environment, which led to more of a grinding modded server that did not allow KOS. This has either all or yet to be fleshed out (Grocery, prices, etc. are not finished). You will now be able to do things you previously were not able to do without spending hours getting the necessary items or you simply weren't able to do at all because you had no way of obtaining it. A few places to mention that have been reworked is Botanist, Gas Station, Bunker, Williston Clothing, Hospital, Pharmacy, etc.. Some new server shops will be in places like Oil Rig, Destroyer, Aircraft Carrier, Holman Isle, Scorpion-7, etc. There is also an entirely new server shop where you can buy all the barricades, structures, and other related items, both vanilla and modded, called the Hardware Store.
Bunker & KOS Island (West Burton Military Island)
The KOS Island turned out to be the most lucrative way to make money and get items simply because rich players shopped there and it turned into the focal point for those players. The KOS Island itself is well done, but the time that players can stay on that island safely is far too long. The KOS Island will receive major reworking to ensure the difficulty to get high-tier loot. Zombies and mega zombies will be a much more common occurrence there. I am unsure whether to add a deadzone to the KOS Island, but I would like more feedback on this and how to make it harder overall. The Bunker has also been redone. Almost all weapons, both vanilla and modded will be available in the Bunker, including ammo and attachments. Almost all of the Pento's Clothing mod (from Unturnov) will be available as well. Drugs and drug prices will be redone to make sure a profit can be made. There will be a few other additional items that you can buy in the bunker, but those aren't worth mentioning.
Zombies will be removed from all places except Summerside Military Base and West Burton Military Island (KOS Island). Summerside Military Base and West Burton Military Island will receive a buff in zombie-related things.
The Justice System
Here is where one of the things that hasn't been thought out very far: The Justice System. Policing, Judges, the laws, and the Mayor will all be very different. I just haven't spent any time working on this. I would like your help with this. Keep in mind that because this is a whitelisted roleplay server, your suggestions can be a lot more free and "crazier" compared to Pandahut #10. I have however worked on things like the Prison server shop, Police Station server shop, and a few other things, but it's not very important. I will be working with Snowingfate657 on this section because he has spent a lot of time as police. This doesn't mean I don't need your ideas! I would love to hear them, so be sure to think on this major topic! I plan to do something with the Mayor Estate as well. A very brief idea I had was to let the Mayor have the entire Estate for free, but haven't worked on this a whole lot as well.
The Feedback I Need
The feedback and ideas that I need now relate to things like what to do about the justice system, rules, what to sell in what shops and the pricing, and the whitelisted roleplay, just to name a few.
Other Information
This won't be finished anytime soon, but it is slowly getting hacked away each day. Players with developed ideas could receive 50000 RP bamboo, so be sure to get creative and don't be afraid to share anything crazy! I will make a more in-depth announcement when I am finished with everything. If you have any questions, please ask here or DM me on Discord. I will try to respond to everything to the best of my ability. You might catch me on Pandahut #13 in the mean time as I work on it, so feel free to drop by and say hi!
The New Whitelisted RP Rules
I. RP Experience:
Fear roleplay, commonly abbreviated 'FearRP', is the concept that your character is afraid to die. This concept is most commonly understood as "Your life is the most important!". Understanding that in real life we do not have a respawn button. When your life is at stake, you must fear death and comply with threats unless you are 100% positively sure that you will survive. We highly enforce FearRP, although some situations come down to staff discretion.
Any form of communication in-game is strictly roleplay only! This includes World, Area, and Voice chat! If you have an off-character issue then you must contact a staff member using the /adminh your message command.
Sexual RP is not allowed!
Follow all of Pandahut's Global Rules.
Stay in character at all times! If there are any problems whilst roleplaying, you must roleplay it out! Do not stop roleplaying and/or try to tell the player they are breaking the rules.
Your in-game name should be realistic and similar to real life names.
Value all life when applicable.
Vehicles left randomly on/blocking the road can be impounded by police and destroyed by staff members.
If you found a loop-hole within the rules, you must report it to an RP Administrator, or create a forum post about it. Failing to do so and going forward with abusing any loophole(s) will result in severe punishment.
Trying to bait someone to break the rules or in any way trying to encourage and other such instances is strictly against the rules.
Use common sense when interpreting the rules. Some rules may vary in certain situations. Staff discretion will be used in those situations.

II. Fail RP [FRP]
Metagaming is not allowed! Using information your character did not have access to in-game is prohibited!
Killing or damaging any other roleplayers with no roleplay/story is not allowed! This also includes using vehicles to kill or damage another roleplayer.
Ramming, and other trolling outside of a roleplay story is not allowed!
Speeding over and over with no story/roleplay involved is not allowed.
Do not make multiple characters to involve them all in the same story and/or group.
Antagonizing armed roleplayers, police, and/or gangs with no valid story is not allowed!
Involving yourself in a situation and/or shootout between police and a group and/or other groups, and/or other group fights is not allowed! Spontaneously having any kind of shootout with no story is strictly forbidden!
Leaving the game in the middle of roleplaying is not allowed! If you must leave the game, go to a secluded place and log off quietly.
Obnoxious mic spamming is not allowed! Playing music is allowed, but make sure it is not offensive. Homophobic and racist words is not allowed!
You cannot randomly destroy or damage vehicles outside of valid roleplay.
Buying too many vehicles or items that spill into the ground can be considered as causing lag and can result in the vehicles or items to be wiped in an instant by a staff member. Staff discretion will be used to determine this.
Blocking server shops is not allowed. Anything blocking it is subject to removal by a staff member.

III. New Life Rule [NLR]
If you respawn at the hospital after death, your character forgets everything leading up to the event. Do not respawn if Police and/or EMS respond to come help you!
A Perma death means your character has completely died. You must make a new character and forget everything that you know of. Perma deaths can only result in situations like a successful death sentence, player-agreed perma deaths, and/or any RP Administrator forced-perma deaths. An example of a player-agreed perma death would be a pact between gang members who agree that the only way out of the gang is through death.

IV. Player-Built Structures
In order for a prefab and player-built structures to be considered a base, it must at least have a claimed bed or storage container. You may not raid random player-built structures even if it does not have a claimed bed and/or storage container. To prevent your base from being wiped if it isn't finished, you must leave a sign stating it's under construction. This will temporarily qualify it as a base (it can still be raided).
Floating structures are NOT ALLOWED. All structures need to obey the law of physics. Your base can only have 3 pillars on each side (a total of 12 pillars) to support them upwards from the ground/roof of a prefab. Pillars supporting a base upwards from the bottom to the top do not count towards base dimensions, but you must state in your raid description that the base is supported by pillars upwards of x amount of floors. An example of a proper raid description would be: /raid "4x4x3 Metal Base Supported By 3 Story High Pillars Behind Bank in Seattle".
Each player may have two bases. The Mayor may have three bases. Each group may have one group base.
Claim flags should not be used to claim any area located at, above, or below the map's prefab structures. This includes the diner, hospital, library, and other buildings that come with the map. You may only place Claim Flags in your own base. Claim Flags may not be placed at random locations around the map.
The maximum dimension of a base is 4(length) x 4(width) x 3(height). RP Administrators may give out permits to build a larger base. Barricades like metal placards, signs, plates, and/or any other barricade should be used excessively and not used to build an entire base.
If you sell a base to a player, you cannot salvage the base after the transaction has been done. You cannot defend the base that you built (unless you are police) if the base has been sold to another player. Each base you have that is not sold will still count as your own base (example: you cannot have twenty player-built bases that haven't been sold yet).
If two bases are very close to each other, it will count as two bases unless the bases are directly connected to each other with an exit. If the bases are connected and can be accessed between one another, it will count as a single base.
You may not claim areas or force players to pay in order to pass by a certain area. All players may walk around the map freely without having to pay to pass. You may not create KOS zones. Claiming Areas / KoS Zones constitute the following:
Blocking off any of the map's Islands, map towns (NOT artificial towns), bridges (even those that lead to a dead-end), roads, and/or driveways.
You cannot randomly destroy bases outside of Raids. Destroying or damaging (within reason) any part of a base (including crops) that does not belong to you is False Raiding. Items like placards on the outside of a base or a locker on the roof of a base are still part of the base. Use common sense when regarding what is and what is not part of a base.
Groups may not have more than 8 plots worth of crops/berries.
Buildings that do not follow these rules may be wiped by an RP Administrator after a 24 hours has passed after a sign warning the base owner(s) to fix it. You will not be refunded if your base was fairly wiped by an RP Administrator! If your base is built entirely under the floor and/or the top appears raided and it is wrecked by an admin, you will not be refunded.
The friendly sentry gun and traps can ONLY be placed within a completely closed off base (inside the building), NOT facing a direct exit (open or closed). A direct exit would be if the exit (a door for example) instantly meets the outside of the base. This means you cannot place the friendly sentry gun or any traps anywhere else than your enclosed base. Your base MUST be non-accessible to other players except for your group members (metal door, vault door and or metal shutters/glass windows). Note: You are allowed to have sentries in a shop if it cannot shoot anyone outside of the base (direct exit) and you do not bait people to die by the sentries.You cannot have any openable structure behind a direct exit to conceal a sentry gun or traps.
You cannot use sentries to bait people if they are not actively involved with an RP event.
Traps are an unturned classification of items. A non-exhaustive list of them includes Landmines, barbed wire, claymores, caltrops, and snares.
You cannot claim another player's player-built base. You however can claim a prefab if it no longer has a claimed bed, storage containers, and/or structures. Hidden objects such as a hidden bed or storage container do not count as a base.
All player-built structures may be raided in a single /raid.

RP Event Rules

IV. Criminal Rules
Group criminal activities are restricted to only 6 criminals at a time!
Picking skilled players who do not roleplay over genuine roleplayers is not allowed!
Relaying information, being a lookout, being a getaway driver, etc., is all considered as involving yourself in a criminal activity!
You must use /raid to call a raid on a base. Raids must have valid descriptions that include the dimensions/size of the base as well as the direction from the closest map landmark.
You must wait at least two days before raiding the same base. This also counts for groups, meaning if one group member raids a base, the whole group cannot raid the same base for two days.
Raiders must be in the nearby area of the base getting raided. Any roleplayers in the nearby area of the base getting raided may be killed by any Defender or Raider.
Anyone may kill another roleplayer who is actively robbing someone.
Criminals have the freedom to order their victim to do things, as long as it is reasonable and only involves items and/or clothing they have on them, and where to move.

V. Police Rules
Police who are countering a prison breakout, heist, and/or raid must wear at least three articles of police clothing.
Police must be in the nearby area of the base getting raided in order to counter the raid.
The maximum jail sentence is 30 minutes.
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By WyattL
One idea could be a universal prison with the option to be able to raid it
It is to be presumed everything with the current #13 will remain (unless noted) therefore, I believe this can be accomplished with /breakout ?
Not 100% sure cus well, #13 duh, but it exists and I know there's a universal prison.
Is the application for this whitelisted roleplay out yet?
Kind of. The application hasn't been fully released because there is no need to spend time on that when I can be spending it on balancing shop prices. I will finish the application near the end of this project.
One idea could be a universal prison with the option to be able to raid it
The Prison in the middle of PEI is what you're thinking of. You will be able to break your friends and others out of jail.