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Hi Pandas,

A group fight has been scheduled this Sunday between the Night Sentinels & Blackhats!

Brief Overview
  • Date & Time: Sunday 2 PM EST, 08/22/2021.
  • 5v5 between both teams' best PvPers.
  • The winning team gets 250k RP Bamboo per player.
  • A Private Washington Creative PvP server.
  • Three Major Rounds in each city broken into three Minor Rounds per one Major Round.

Night Sentinels
  • Team Leader: GhostBandit.
  • Team Roster: Magic, Rocket, wonslowcar, shadow, & goat.
  • Sub Roster: GhostBandit, wolfe, Clappa, & Dolos.

  • Team Leader: Matt Newton.
  • Team Roster: Matt Newton, Poonisher, Uloop, K.Rome, & Not Yoda.
  • Matt Newton's One Million RP Bamboo Bet will go to the winning team.

Blacklisted Items & Vehicles
  • All vehicles
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Matamorez
  • Hell's Fury
  • Shadowstalker MK. II
  • Devil's Bane
  • Military Fragmentation Magazine
  • Claim Flag
  • All sentries
  • All traps
  • Horde Beacon

In-game Information
  • Each team leader will meet before the fight and use playground insults against each other.
  • Screenshots with each team leader and the groups.
  • Winning at least two Major Rounds will make the team be declared the winner.
  • One life per round.
  • Fighters cannot stray too far from the city or they will be warned to go back near the area.
  • Punishments will be left to ZERO's discretion.

Pandahut Social Media
  • ZERO & Surfice will be co-hosting the event on the Pandahut Twitch account!

If you have any questions, please DM ZERO on Discord.
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