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By Burnt
:bamboo: Video made me hungry.
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By PeachyPoro
@TomatoChunks that vault clip brought back memories. Unfortunately, Pandahut will never be the same without all of you; countless hours worth of memories, both good and bad, will slowly fade with time. @cotto , as much beef as we had, I miss you bro. @Burnt @Flopdup I hope you turds are doing well in life as well. I'm still active on this God-Forsaken server, so please come visit before I also leave.
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By MattCobra
I wish I recorded more! Shame I had a terrible pc when I was first in the community.

I also experienced an intense cringe when I heard my old squeaky voice. Kind of weird to think that I was a kid during this time. Thanks, for the good memories Pandahut.
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By RagnarosPower
haha a lot of memories in this video! good work, as much as a headache it used to be to keep the servers intact, I've never really noticed how much the rage & "masskos" actually brought a smile to people! some very old clips, no idea how you managed to get them, so long bud!

P.S. Cleanest I've ever seen washington! I'm surprised there's no mad guy selling doughnuts in the pizza store

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By Loxtonjoel
Wonderful post! Great to see all the old faces in one video, not matter how long ago it was I still remember it all like yesterday.

I hope the server manages to get to 10 years, and many more memories are made by those players who still play it to this day.

P.S dope flying pirate ship! :-)
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By Jerry / Tony
Age restricted :hotheaded: