Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your break. We have been reading your suggestions and have completed a new batch of improvements containing new commands for both players and staff members. These commands and changes should make life a lot easier for raids, jailings, as well as buying and selling items. The full list of changes follows below.
  • Roleplay - Raid & Jail Updates
  • A new command has been added: /raids lists all ongoing raids and who is assisting each one. Similar to /news.
    • Lists raid leader and online group members for each raid.
  • Once you type /raidover, it now checks if you were raiding or assisting.
    • If you started the raid, the following is announced in chat:
      • "Mushy, Aren, Apples no longer assisting in Miku's raid!"
      • "Miku's raid is over!"
      • Updated: Raid leadership is now transferred to an assisting player if the leader dies.
    • If you were assisting in another raid, the following is announced in chat:
      • "Miku no longer assisting in Mushy's raid!"
  • If you start another raid without ending the previous one, it automatically ends it for you and all assisting players are removed from your previous raid. The following would be announced in chat:
    • "Mushy, Aren, Apples no longer assisting in Miku's raid!"
    • "Miku is raiding a 4x4x3 Metal Base North of Kent Raceway in 120 seconds!"
  • Added the /jailover or /unjail command. This frees a player from jail before their jail sentence is up.
    • This command is to be used when a player's jail sentence must be cancelled or changed, whether for RP reasons, typos or special circumstances.
    • Only police ranks and staff members will have access to this command.
    • Example usage: /jailover playername OR /unjail playername .
  • All Servers - New & Easier /Buy and /Cost Alternatives
  • Added the ability to check vehicle prices by name using /cost v "name with spaces", /cost v id, or /cost
  • Added the ability to buy vehicles by name using /buy v "name with spaces", /buy v id, /buy
  • The /cost command now returns the item or vehicle ID, in addition to its buy/sell prices.
  • The Commands page and Roleplay Rules page have been updated to reflect the changes listed above.
In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section. You can find the full list of added weapons & ammo below.

Enjoy! :party:
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