Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

We have made a few changes and updates to our Roleplay servers this past week, in regards to raids, arrests, robberies and kidnappings, according to your suggestions and feedback. You can find a list of the main changes below:

  • Fixed raids still being announced after being called off before the countdown expires
  • When a raid leader dies, a new leader is assigned until no one is left, then "Raid over" is announced.
  • Fixed it so if you do /raidover as leader it announces in chat "Miku is no longer participating in their own raid!" if you have assisters, and "raid over!" if you have no assisters, instead of kicking all members from the raid.
  • When a raid assister dies, it announces that their assist is over and removes them from the assist list. You no longer need to use /raidover unless you intentionally wish to cancel it. It is now automatic.
    • The leadership of the raid will be transferred to raid members according to their join order.
  • Arrests, Robberies, and Kidnappings are now all automatically called off if the victim dies.
  • Fixed players on occasion being stuck with a role and not being able to change it.
  • As per customary, all RP tickets were paid off on #10 and #13 for our Mayors' first day in office, on the house! The funds are available to the Mayors of both RP servers in their town treasury. ;-)

The RP servers have already been restarted and all changes above are in effect. In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

We hope everyone had an awesome time during the Holidays and look forward to the year ahead. :hystericalpanda:

Enjoy! :party:
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