Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

Joining in on the spooky Halloween fun that made its way into Unturned with Nelson's latest update, we will be hosting a spooky new game mode and map for you all to enjoy. A special Halloween-themed version of the Washington map will be hosted on PH Server #1 starting tonight through to Saturday, November 2nd! More details below.
  • Connection Information
    • Name: Pandahut #1 [PvE][SpoOoOoky][Dungeons][Dedicated]
    • IP: OR
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: Tales of Terror
    • Style: PvE - Group up with your friends to embark on spooky dungeon adventures and defeat zombies!
    • Contents: 34+ new weapons, NPCs, a plethora of potions and other equipment, and much MUCH more!
    • [This is a modded map, so you may need to spend some time on the loading screen to download the map, but only the first time you join the server]
      Map Description: Fight your way through randomly generated dungeons with one of six classes, collecting loot and upgrading your character! Use stealth or brawl your way through every room until the boss! Will you cut them down, or be cut down on the cold hard dungeon floor?
Several cool events will be taking place during the course of the week, with a special Halloween surprise which will storm our servers on the morning of Thursday, October 31st. Stay tuned to find out more, and make sure to Favorite our servers to join in on the fun ahead of everyone else!

Roleplay Server
  • Don't forget to check out to check out our Sp00ky Hide & Seek Event hosted by the RP Staff team on Thursday, October 31st at 6PM Eastern Time (NY)!
  • Joining in to host the event will be our awesome RP Staff team, who will be awarding Bamboo Prizes to the top three winners!
  • Before the Hide & Seek event starts, we will be warming up the afternoon with a fun-filled siege battle against the BMC group!
    • That's right, it'll be Whole Server vs BMC, starting at 3:30PM EST on Thursday, October 31st!
  • Please note that Pandahut RustMod Server #9 has been switched to the Mantis Island Map that many of you requested!

As always, if you have any issues with the above changes, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :hystericalpanda:
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