Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
As many of you already know, PH has been working on a few new social media channels where we can share with everyone a more visual perspective of our community, everything from previews of stuff we might be working on, to video compilations, as well as any media that you guys might be willing to let us use.

The full list of our social media channels can be found below:

  • Twitch
    • Classified_ :heartfulpanda: will be our main hoster, with appearances from members of the community joining us in a match of <insert awesome game here>.
    • Classi will be doing a live stream tomorrow, Friday, starting at or around 1 PM EST / 17:00 GMT.
    • This channel will not be strictly focused on Unturned, and we'll definitely be streaming other games as well. It will be a place to chill and enjoy a conversation with our players and staff members while we kick some ass in our favorite games.

  • Instagram
    • Mostly content à la 💬#unturned-pics-and-videos, in addition to a closer look at some of the stuff we're working on, compilations, and the best of your submissions in this channel.
      • We will have a minor follow-up announcement on a Discord bot we're preparing, which should make it easier for you to share your links, images, and videos with us.
      • Before anyone gets any nefarious ideas, this content will be moderated and all our regular Discord Rules will still apply to this channel.
    • Click here to check out our very first video compilation on Instagram! [Video contains sound]

  • YouTube
  • On our Youtube you will find longer-length user submissions, compilations, and videos of the staff and the community having fun, not just in Unturned.
    • We're still working on it but will soon be releasing content, currently handled by Zero :heartfulpanda: with video editing done in collaboration with MattNewton, myself, and Yoshi.

  • TikTok
    • Short video/meme submissions, compilations and highlight reels, cross-posted to Instagram

  • Twitter
    • On Twitter we mostly cross-post content from our other social media channels and share occasional tweets, retweets, likes, and comments.

  • Discord
    • Where we all live, breathe and sleep while not playing Unturned.

We hope some of you find interest in these new channels we have created to interact with the community and its Staff members. It goes without saying that you are all free to follow us on the social platforms listed above.

Enjoy. :hystericalpanda:
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