Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

We've been busy adding new features to all servers for our Anniversary Month. Here's the summary of our changes!

Brand New Front Page!

Our Front Page has been redesigned for the first time since 2016. It's been updated to better display changes our network has gone through since then, a much cleaner display of all ranks, and a smoother checkout process.
  • Showing network-wide and discord statistics
  • Ability to filter perks for specific server types
  • Sleek display of all roleplay roles and kits
  • The Payment screen will automatically pick the "Upgrade" rank, if applicable. For example, if you are VIP+ buying MVP+, it will automatically select "Upgrade: VIP+ to MVP+" for you.
  • Your Discriminator will automatically resolve for your SteamID64, if you input it. For more about Discriminators, read below.
    A big thanks/shoutout goes out to @Mushy for having put a lot of work behind the scenes in a joint effort with me in order to make this happen. :hystericalpanda:

Network-Wide Level System

Wonder what the star with a number is, next to your name? It's your Network Level.
We wanted to reward long-time players, and also provide something to work towards on all servers, even semi-vanilla, and vanilla+!
  • Your Network Level increases by simply playing the server, as well as doing daily /quests.
  • By increasing your Network Level, you get bamboo bonuses at specific levels, and MVP+ and MVP++ get access to change the color of their +'s, via /pluscolor. You unlock colors as you level up. Your /pluscolor changes the color of the +'s in your name.
  • Quests are simple tasks that you can perform in exchange for Network EXP. They are things like "Kill 50 Zombies", "Craft 30 Items", "Catch 20 Fish", etc. You can do them on any server in our Network. Even Creative, if you want to be cheeky with some of the quests.
  • Every 10 levels you get 50k KitPvP Bamboo. Alternating with 30k PvP Bamboo, starting at Level 10.
  • Every 10 levels you get 20k RP Bamboo, starting at Level 15.
  • For example, Level 10 - 50k KitPvP, Level 15 - 20k RP, Level 20 - 30k KitPvP, Level 25 - 20k RP
  • For the first few days, the "Daily" quests will be frozen, to try to give people a chance to get used to the system and finish them. These "Daily" Quests may change into Weekly ones though, depending on the interest in them.
  • You can do /networkxp or /nxp to see your Network XP. You can do /networknextlevel or /nnl to see how far away you are from the next level. You can do /quests to see your current Quest Status.


The current unique way to identify players is by their SteamID64, for example, 76561198138254281. The problem is, that's a long confusing number, and most people have no idea what they are or how to get them. Sometimes you want to ensure you are paying the right person, or want to join someone in a different server easily. Discriminators are a cool unique way to identify players, based on their character name + a few random unique numbers.
  • You are assigned a Discriminator based on your character name on join. For example, Miku's is Miku#0001.
  • You can find out your own Discriminator using /discrim. You can do /discrim <steamid64 or other player name> as well, and it will return theirs.
  • You can use Discriminators in any normal command. For Example, /pay Miku#0001 will work if Miku is on the server. Even if someone else is named Miku, no one else will have the same last 4 numbers.
  • You can join players cross-server with /join <Discriminator or SteamID64>. For example, /join Miku#0001.
  • You can stop your Discriminator always changing to your current character name by doing /Discriminator disable. Conversely, you can enable it again by doing /Discriminator enable.
  • We may add support for picking a custom Discriminator ending in the future. We don't expect a ton of usage out of this, but it will be helpful for edge-case situations, and is a simple alternative compared to SteamID64s

New Rank: MVP++

We have sunset the old Baby/Mighty/Master Panda Subscriptions in favor of a simple MVP++ Monthly Rank.
  • This rank is paid in one-time payments only. You can buy MVP++ for 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days. 90 and 180 days offer slight discounts.
  • You get a set lump sum of Bamboo every month you have this rank, and 4 kits you pick, on KitPvP/PvP/RP.
  • You get the ability to change your /rankcolor to any other rank.
  • This rank will be released later today, September 1st. It will be announced in discord as well.
  • Note with this change, we have reverted back the prices of all other ranks to what they were before 2020. For example, MVP+ being 40. We have done this as we believe when we lowered them, Semi-Vanilla was dominating and we had few other global perks. Now Unturnov is more-so dominating, and we have added more perks to all ranks, and plan to add more even in the future.

Misc. Changes

All Servers
  • There was a lot of misc. and minor optimizations in our core systems. Probably unnoticeable for players since all servers max out at 60 TPS Anyway, but a nice benefit and more free resources.
  • Added a bunch of basic commands like callvote/Maxskills/Warp to tell players they are not on this server / other information. Players love joining our Network and using commands from other servers, so hopefully,* this helps them understand our network a bit better.
  • Our Public API has a bunch more cool exposed endpoints, if making bots/custom applications is your thing. It's not the most organized or best documented, but it should be pretty easy to understand. Overview:
  • Added /payticket. You can pay off all your tickets easily, no need to specify IDs. It will warn you and ask you to confirm if over 5k in total.
  • High Ranking Police, Judges, and Mayors, who get second roles, can now use /role and /roles normally to pick Second Roles with ease, without affecting their original role. The /roles command will only show the roles which they can pick as a second role.
  • Cleaned up a lot of old /license and /checkself code. It's decently faster now to /checkplayer someone with a large number of weapons & licenses.

  • Auto Rejoin! If the server you are in shuts down, and you are sent to a lobby, you will be sent back to the server as soon as it is online! You can disable this via /stoprejoin.
  • Updated to .Net 6. Loading size and time were cut in 1/4's for us, and better performance overall.
  • Fixed some issues with switching from one profile to another, directly
  • Updated Rank Display to include the player's chosen RankColor and RankPlusColor
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