Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

We have made a few important changes, fixes, and additions over the past week which went live earlier today, after the daily server restart. The list of changes is as follows:

Updates: Network Level System
  • We have noticed your special interest in killing zombies and fishing, of all things, so we've added two new quests:
  • 1. Kill 500 Zombies and receive 3000 Network XP (Kill 100 Zombies Quest remains active for new players)
    2. Catch 10 fish and receive 2000 Network XP (Catch 1 Fish Quest remains active for new players)
  • On August 31st we released an announcement regarding PH's Network Level System. In this update, there was a slight error in the code which resulted in players occasionally receiving up to 10 times the quest's intended prize. This has been corrected, and we have made adjustments to ensure a fair playing ground for everyone.
  • MVP+ and MVP++ Members should now be able to select the color white for your + and ++ tags. It was previously disabled due to a bug where it required levels 65 and 125 to unlock, which rendered it unselectable.
  • The color Orange should now be selectable at Level 65.
  • The color White should now be selectable at Level 125.

Updates: Item & Vehicle Shops for PvP/KitPvP/OPKits Servers
  • In order to better accommodate the PvP, KitPvP, and OPKits economies to the recently-added Network Level Bamboo prizes, we have slightly raised the shop prices for items and vehicles on these server types.
  • RP shop prices have not been changed.

Map Wipes
  • We are aware that some servers such as RustMod are starting to get cluttered and Astro will be announcing Friday's map wipe schedule under our #server-wipes Discord channel shorty, so you all have two days advance notice, as per our norm.

As always, please tag a staff member in our #support Discord channel in case you experience any issues with this update.

Enjoy! :P
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