Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

It’s been a while since our last announcement, with most updates going under our Discord Server's #patch-notes section as of late. Despite the recent lack of significant updates and additions to our servers, our development team has pulled its efforts together to prepare a huge update for Unturnov 1.25 (1.0) Servers #19 and #30. This is likely the longest announcement we ever posted, so please bear with us for the wall of text below.

Changes, Fixes, and Additions: Unturnov Servers #19 and #30

Map Changes: Major Overhaul
  • :zap: Increased Performance on Labs and Interchange.
  • :new: New Area on Labs.
  • :evergreen_tree: Large Woods Expansion - 4x larger.
  • :hatching_chick: Added new spawn points on Woods.
  • :factory: Factory Expansion.
  • :game_die: Added Factory spawn randomization and more spawns.
  • :hatching_chick: Fixed Interchange spawns.
  • :hash: Redid Spawntables.
  • :skull: Removed Deadzone and Darkness from Labs.
  • :black_joker: Added Findable Card for Labs entrance and greatly increased loot on Labs.
  • :arrow_double_up: Increased loot spawn chance
  • :no_entry: Disallowed placement of buildables out in the hallways, except if very close to your apartment wall.
  • :house_with_garden: Added four new apartment floors, for a total of 17 floors composed 4 corridors each.
    • Out of these 17 floors, 14 are public and two are reserved for ranked members.
  • :writing_hand: Replaced the word Apartment in the elevator buttons with Corridor A, B, C, and D.
  • :arrow_double_up: Increased loot spawn chance
  • :beetle: Fixed many other minor bugs and performed miscellaneous improvements.

NPC/Trader Changes
  • :wrench: Mechanic
    • At least 20 new attachments added.
    • Scopes work with quality set to OFF (Thanks to @krezen ).
    • Fixed previously unsellable items.
  • :older_man: Prapor
    • Several new weapons.
    • Increased Prices on AKs.
  • :man_with_gua_pi_mao: Peacekeeper
    • Several new weapons.
    • Fixed problems with not being able to buy and sell mags.
  • :syringe: Therapist
    • New Custom Meds (Again Thanks to @krezen ).
  • :construction_worker: Scrap Collector
    • Increased selling price for most items.
  • :jeans: Ragman
    • :game_die: Removed outfits from Ragman and replaced them with normal clothing.
    • :shield: Added armor protection into clothing sold by Ragman.
    • :up: Increased the armor protection provided by higher-tier clothing.

Mod Additions
  • :telescope: Added DragonFire Studio's Nordic Scope Fix
  • :pill: Added DragonFire Studio's Tarkov Medicals Mod

Plugin-Map Interface Updates
  • :money_with_wings: XP can now be added and removed while a player is offline, allowing for shop signs to work when the shop owner is offline, or even receive XP funds stemming from support requests, XP transactions made using Discord in a future update, and other integrations.
  • :sos: Added the /stuck (or /unstuck) command permission for all players on the newly added floors.
  • :door: The /door command now awards a Metal Gate [ID 547] instead of a Double Door [Unturnov 1.5 and 1.25].
  • :hash: Added randomized spawning to Interchange.
  • :hash: Improved randomized spawning in Woods.
  • :white_check_mark: Players without a rank may now visit Supreme and Ultimate apartment floors, use player shops, and share apartments with other players on these floors. However, they may not place doors or gates.
    • In order to access the Ultimate & Supreme Floors, simply use the Bunker elevator.
    • You no longer need to speak to Lobby Boy Ranked in order to access these floors.
    • You still need to speak to Lobby Boy Ranked in order to access the Exclusive floors.
  • :tools: Added several administrative commands for staff management of player sign shops and XP.

Plugin Changes: Player Sign Shops

:question:What are Sign Shops?
  • :scroll: The idea behind Sign Shops (video attached) is to give players an added revenue stream, adding gameplay depth in the process.
  • :red_circle: Player sign shops work when the shop owner is online or offline.
  • :large_blue_circle: If the shop owner is online, they are not required to be near their sign shops in order for them to work.
  • :mag_right: The shop owner must ensure that their shop's inventory is never full when buying, or empty when selling.
  • :moneybag: In addition to providing a new source of revenue, player shops could increase diversity in item prices, sources, and general variety.

  • :dollar: The currency for sign shops is XP,
  • :scroll: Both Buy and Sell shop signs automatically attach to one or multiple of your storage containers within a 5-meter radius.
  • :white_check_mark: Transaction Confirmation - Similarly to commands like /home and /lobby, you're required to stand still for a few seconds after punching any buy or sell sign shop in order to confirm the trade and leave less room for accidents, scams, and abusive prices.
    • The confirmation timer is configured to 3 seconds, and you may only move up to 5 meters, otherwise the trade is automatically
  • :writing_hand: Signs and placards attached to a player shop may be edited only by first using /removeshop, while aiming at them.
  • :x: Whenever a sign is removed/salvaged, its shop data is also destroyed.
  • :smiling_imp: Fake signs containing the words "punch to buy" or "punch to sell" are disallowed.
  • :scales: Buy and Sell sign shops may share the same storage containers to streamline the flow of business and save time with inventory management.
    • Example: You could place two sign shops sharing the same storage: One sign buys Maplestrikes for 100 XP, and the other sells them for 200 XP.
    • This way, if a player sells an item to your sell sign, it effectively resupplies the inventory of your buy sign.
  • :computer: Sign shops owned by the server now handle their inventory automatically, and work without a storage container nearby [RP-only for now].
  • :white_check_mark: Pandahut staff members and a player's group members may use /removeshop on a player's shop sign.
  • :mag_right: Pandahut Administrators may inspect and remove any and all shop signs.
  • :shopping_cart: If you already have a shop on a given sign, the /addshop command will still work, without using /removeshop beforehand. The shop sign must belong to you or your group.
  • :book: All sign shop trades and XP changes are logged, along with their date, time, old XP, and new XP.

Sign Shops: Quick Guide

  • Shop Owner: Usage Instructions
    • :keyboard: General Syntax: /addshop [buy|sell] [ItemName|ItemID] [XPPrice] & /removeshop
    • :arrow_double_down: First, place a placard on the outside wall of your apartment.
    • :lock: Next, place one or more storage containers (of any kind) on the inside part of this wall, near the placard that you placed outside.
    • :eye: Go up to the placard, look straight at it, and follow the examples listed below.

    • Creating a Shop to SELL Items to Players
      • :money_with_wings: Example Usage: /addshop sell Maplestrike 200 - This creates a sign shop that SELLS Maplestrikes for 200 XP.
      • :zap: The 200 XP is automatically transferred from the customer's XP balance to the shop owner's balance when the purchase is confirmed, even if the shop owner is offline.
      • :bread: When placing a sell shop, you must have at least one of the items that you intend to sell already present inside one of your storage containers nearby.
    • Creating a Shop to BUY Items from Players
      • :shopping_bags: Example Usage: /addshop buy 17  400 - This creates a sign shop that buys Military Drums for 400 XP.
      • :zap: The 400 XP is automatically transferred from the shop owner's balance to the customer's balance when the purchase is complete, even if the customer is offline.
      • :credit_card: You must have enough XP in your balance in order for your buy shops work.
    • Removing Your Shop
      • :x: From a close distance, simply look at your sign or placard containing a shop and type /removeshop.
      • :recycle: Alternatively, you can salvage the sign or placard and place it back.
    • Editing Sign Text
      • :no_entry: In order to prevent scamming and other trickery, you must use /removeshop or salvage it before you can edit it again.
      • :PandaPirate: You cannot create fake sign shops by copying the text, colors, etc of a legitimate one onto a sign or placard.
  • Shop Customer: Usage Instructions
    • :bookmark_tabs: All signs already instruct customers to "Point to Buy" or "Point to Sell".
    • :point_up_2: Simply find the sign shop that you wish to trade with, look straight at the sign (or placard) from a close distance, then use the point gesture at it (Hold C and select Point).
    • :alarm_clock: This will prompt you to wait 3 seconds to confirm your purchase before the XP and goods traded are exchanged between the shop owner and the customer.
      • Note that if you move only a few meters during this confirmation period, the transaction is automatically canceled.

Important Notes
  • :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: One or multiple sign shops may share one or multiple storage containers by the same owner.
  • :1234: Players may have up to four sign shops each. This limit may change as we expand the shop feature counting on your feedback.

Future Plans
  • :construction_site: Complete Interchange overhaul with custom models to help with performance.
  • :map: Add Tarkov Reserve Map.
  • :tools: Labs Overhaul.
  • :key: Add doors with physical keys.
  • :warning: Add Discord alerts for when players’ sell shop storage containers are full.

Workshop Conflicts, Support
  • :ambulance: If you experience problems with workshop conflicts, version mismatch errors, or can't join servers #19 and #30 after this update, please follow our Workshop Help guide, found here:

Miscellaneous Changes: General
  • :fuelpump: Generator-Decay Servers: Generator fuel burn rate is now slower for members depending on user activity and rank.
  • :tools: Fixed issue with decay speed on Generator Decay servers experienced on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • :no_entry: Several improvements to our server banning system.

Special Thanks
  • These changes were only possible with the amazing help and hard work from @gorge69, @krezen , @Misaki , @Astro , @Botmode, and our unofficial mascot, @dankaby2! :heartfulpanda:

If you run into any issues with the changes listed above, please contact a staff member or our #support channel our Discord Server!
We hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy! :LovelyPanda:
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