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By Mushy
Unturnov 1.25: Kappa Vault, GPU XP Mining

Hi Pandas,

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and having a lot of fun. We have made a few changes in addition to the ones announced by @gorge69 yesterday. More info below.

Kappa Vault
  • On Unturnov 1.25 Servers, the Kappa vault is an additional vault that can be used anywhere on the map.
  • Similar to the Gamma vault (2x3), it consists of double the number of slots as the Gamma vault (12 vs 6).
  • The Kappa vault is available to MVP, MVP+, and MVP++ members.
  • To obtain it, visit our store at

GPU Mining for XP
  • Thanks to the hard work of our Development Team, we have added GPU Mining Rigs as an exciting mew way to obtain XP!
  • GPU Mining consists of GPUs (derr) that you can find on the map, which can be turned into XP via Panda Coins!

GPU Mining: Brief Overview
  • Find a GPU on the map. Currently available GPUs: GTX 1050 TI, GTX 1650, RTX 2060, RTX 3070.
  • Mining Rig or rent one from another player (screenshot)
  • Install the GPU in your Mining Rig and wait for it to process.
  • When it's finished, the GPU will give you a Panda Coin (screenshot).
  • Take the Panda Coin and exchange it for 18k XP per coin!
  • Note: Each GPU is a single-use item. Faster GPUs mine Panda coins more quickly.

Misc Notes
  • A huge thank-you goes out to @krezen for investing a LOT of time and effort into the GPU Mining feature. We have received lots of positive feedback on it and we encourage everyone to check it out!
  • To see the changes in this update, visit and join Unturnov 1.25 Servers #19 (USA) or #30 (EU).
  • If you run into any issues, please tag our PVP Staff in our Discord Server under #🔧support or create a new ticket in #đź“Śmake-a-ticket.
  • All changes are already in effect on both servers.

Enjoy! :LovelyPanda:
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