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Pandahut Official Server Rules and Terms of Service
(For Roleplay, also see RP Rules)

  • General Service Rules
    • The server hosting service provided by Pandahut is free of charge. All Pandahut players must agree to and follow the rules below in order to access our servers.
    • 1.0 Use Common Sense.
    • 1.1 Respect all players and staff members.
    • 1.2 All languages are allowed in Global, Area, Voice, and Group Chat. Roleplay is English only.
    • 1.3 All forms of chat spam (including Cap Spam) are against the server rules.
    • 1.4 Racism, pornography, hate speech, Nazism, harassment, excessive swearing, or any form of illicit or discriminatory content is not allowed.
      • 1.4.1 Racist or discriminatory language is strictly prohibited.
      • 1.4.2 Encouraging others to commit suicide is strictly prohibited
    • 1.5You may not harass or bully other players through in game actions or chat. Spamming others with unwanted TPA requests is forbidden.
    • 1.6 Do not ask staff members for your items back when your character dies. 
    • 1.7 Hacking and use of third party modifications are strictly forbidden and may result in a permanent ban. This includes advertising such modifications.
      • 1.7.1 Glitching: Glitched bases and/or building inside of the terrain or safezones is strictly prohibited.
      • 1.7.2 Crosshair Overlay: The programs CrosshairX and Crosshair V2, available on Steam, do not violate this rule - these programs are allowed.
    • 1.8 Pandahut is not responsible for the security of your accounts. If someone else logs onto your account and gets you banned, this is not a valid excuse to be unbanned.
    • 1.9 Advertising of any kind on any of our servers and/or website is strictly prohibited and may get you banned without a warning.
    • 1.10 Impersonating staff members may result in your account being banned.
    • 1.11 All trap items must be connected directly to the hull of the vehicle. Vehicles with structures built on them cannot be excessively large since they have no collision.
      • 1.11.1 Any sentries or traps placed on vehicles cannot be used to damage people through objects your vehicle would not normally be able to. You cannot put any trap/sentry on an extension of your vehicle and use it to kill people inside of bases/objects/etc. Sentry guns cannot be within shooting distance from any map spawn point.
    • 1.12 Bases that block off an entire town/map area/point or are simply too large and causing lag are subject to player punishment and structure removal.
    • 1.13 Your character name must respect the rules below:
      • 1.13.1 ​It must be legible
      • 1.13.2 It must be pronounceable in the English language if the player is in an RP Server.
      • 1.13.3 It must contain more than two characters
      • 1.13.4 It must not impersonate a member's name
      • 1.13.5 It must follow all the terms contained in Pandahut's User Agreement
      • 1.13.6 It cannot be composed solely of numbers, or a string of meaningless letters and numbers if on RP
      • 1.13.7 It cannot be a commonly used word or a word that may cause confusion, such as "And", "Me", "Admin", "Server", etc.
    • 1.14 All rules are enforced according to our staff members' discretion. The punishment will be dependent on the staff member and the severity of the offense.
    • 1.15 Just because the rule you broke is not listed exactly, does not mean you cannot be banned for it. Refer to rule 1.0 - Use Common Sense.
    • 1.16 The use of alternate accounts to get around bans/mutes is not allowed and is strictly enforced. Common excuses like "it was my brother" will not work.
    • 1.17 Mic spamming is not allowed, especially in servers with safe zones like Unturnov, or on RP. This includes screaming, playing music, and any other form of excessive and unnecessary usage of in-game voice chat.
    • 1.18 Peeking in and out of the safezone on modded servers to gain an advantage is not allowed.
    • 1.19 No Sexual Content, Strip Clubs, Etc.
    • 1.20 Lagging the Server(s) or causing unneeded stress is not tolerated.
    • 1.21 The use of glitches in Unturned or server plugins for unfair gain or advantage is not tolerated.
    • 1.21.1 Pandahut is not responsible for covering items lost if you remove someone from your group while they are online. If you have an active group where members are added/removed use a game group to prevent such loss. Group insiding is not against the rules and is considered part of the game. Sorry!
    • 1.23 Read and accept our User Agreement.

  • Forum Rules
    • 2.0 Multiple topics about the same or corresponding topic are not allowed, even if they are in different sub-forums. This rule is not applicable if there is another post on the same topic but it is older than 10 days.
    • 2.1 Harassment, intimidation or explicit content is not permitted anywhere on the forums, including in user signatures and in forum topics.
    • 2.2 Use of multiple accounts in order to gain an unfair power, influence or advantage in any poll, topic or suggestion is not allowed.
    • 2.3 Doing anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working or appearance of Pandahut Forums is not tolerated.
    • 2.4 Promoting, advocating and otherwise advertising other communities will not be tolerated.
    • 2.5 Punishments for breaking rules on the forums may not just be limited to the forums.
    • 2.6 Posting on a topic that is more than 3 months old, is not allowed. This is otherwise known as necroposting.
    • 2.7 Player Giveaways: If wish to host your own giveaway on our forums, you are required to enter your own Steam Profile Link in the Giveaway forum post.
      • 2.7.1 In the case of Bamboo giveaways, do not manually award the Bamboo - it will be debited from your account and added to the winner's account by an administrator.

  • Staff Rules
    • 3.0 If a staff member is on duty, they are doing administrative or moderating work and therefore are not playing the game.
    • 3.1 All staff members who are on duty may also be in God Mode. This is to prevent them from being killed while trying to help other players, deal with hackers, or any other server-related duty they may need to perform.
    • 3.2 Staff members are not allowed to use their powers/commands to their group's or their own advantage.
      • 3.21 Staff members may NOT disclose confidential information from players or staff, such as the content or existence of support tickets, reports, bans, warnings, or staff-mediated events (or sits, as commonly referred to) to anyone other than the players involved and/or staff members who are also mediating the situation.
    • 3.3 Staff members are not allowed to go on duty just to heal themselves as a result of PvP injuries, even if they have a call to attend at that given moment. There are very few and rare exceptions to this rule, based on discretion and common sense.
    • 3.4 Staff members are not allowed to heal or teleport themselves or their friends in order to gain any sort of advantage during gameplay.
    • 3.5 Note: All moderators that are off duty do not have absolutely any commands whatsoever besides regular, server-wide commands. Off-duty moderators are alike all other players and shall be treated that way.
    • 3.6 No one is above the rules regardless of their rank​.
    • 3.7 If you see a staff member going against any of the above rules, you may report them here, with solid proof in hand.

  • Unturnov Server Rules
    • Do not block hallways or apartments.
    • You can have one apartment per player.
    • Money glitching/abuse is not tolerated.
    • Camping spawns is not allowed.
    • Do not abuse safezones (Going in and out of the safezones to abuse the protection they give you).
    • Do not build in apartments which do not belong to you.
    • Do not trap people in apartments.
    • Do not build near apartments you do not own.
    • Climbing in trees is not allowed.
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