(Moved to Discord) RP Ban Appeals
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By Mushy
So this first thing you need to do is go to the topic itself, as you can see here is some stuff near where is is located
Then you will be greeted with this page you want to click on what is highlighted
Then you will see this page here now do what is said/ what is show in the picture, then click submit and then it will be sent out for mods to see
After that check in on the post daily and you will get replies from people and you just listen to what they say and such. After that if it gets accepted you have no more ban and are free to join back. However it may take about 30 minutes for you to be unbanned so just stay calm and wait.

As well if you try and join any of the rp servers and it comes up with a message “You are already playing on another server” then that means you are banned in that case you make a appeal but under ban time put the date you were last playing on the server and put this next to it “(This was the last time i was on the server do to the fact i was banned while i was offline)”.

So for all you new people to pandahut who are trying to get unbanned or learn the proper way to appeal and most likely get unbanned faster this is how just follow the steps and you should be fine.
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