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Ban Appeal Rules and Regulations

* Before posting an Appeal please re-read both the RP Rules and Global Rules topics.
- Global Rules
- RP Rules

Rule 1: You must add your Ban ID to your appeal, this will help us to quickly investigate your appeal by looking into our logs system and ban list.
Failure to add your Ban ID may result in your appeal taking longer then others, this will be your fault as we cannot find every individuals Ban ID.
- Find your Ban ID
You will be given a 48 Hour notice to add your Ban ID or any other information needed or your appeal will be Declined

Rule 2: You must describe the situation that occurred in great detail, do not leave any information out as this could effect your appeal in a negative way. Include Screenshots or video recordings so that staff can quickly make a decision to either accept or decline your appeal.

Rule 3: Do not disrespect players or staff members in your appeal, we understand that you might be frustrated but we do not allow players to disrespect anyone in their appeal. If found doing so your appeal could be instantly declined. Do not try to lecture staff members about the rules. They are the ones in charge of applying them onto your case, not the other way around.

Rule 4: Do not make multiple topics about your ban, this includes other forums or sub-forums. Staff will take their time going through all appeals to come to an un-biased conclusion. If found to be making multiple topics then your original appeal will be instantly declined and your forum account could be warned / terminated.
4.1 - This also includes making another Appeal when your previous appeal was Declined, once a Higher Up staff member (SuperMod+) has made a decision on your Appeal that decision stays, there will be changes unless an Admin thinks otherwise.

Rule 5: If you are not the original owner of the topic or an RP staff member then you are strictly prohibited from commenting on appeals (Unless told to do so by a staff member or if your commenting evidence), as some comments may cause arguments to start on appeals, all comments that are not authorised or do not contain evidence for the situation at hand will be deleted.

Rule 6: Do not submit appeals for other players, we will only allow the player who is banned to create an appeal, any appeal that goes against this will be instantly declined.

Rule 7: Appeals that have been idle for more than 2 Days will be automatically Declined without notice. If a Staff Member replies to your appeal and you fail to respond within 48 Hours than your appeal will be Declined. It is your responsibility to keep up with the appeal, Staff Members will not give warnings to respond.

Rule 8: Any ban that is under 12 hours is unable to be appealed, as this is too shorter time for us staff members to respond to the topic. If any appeal has a ban under 12 hours in length it is subject to being instantly Declined without notice.

Rule 9: You CANNOT appeal bans which have already been reduced in the appeal process.

Rule 10: You MUST wait at least 2 days if your appeal was declined before appealing the ban again. (The 2 days starts when your appeal is declined)
10.1 - If your ban is permanent you must wait at least 7 days before appealing the ban again. (The 7 days starts when your appeal is declined)

Rule 11: If you are not directly involved or a staff member (see 1.1 below), you are NOT allowed to comment on reports, doing so will have your forum account receive a warning
11.1: If you are below the staff rank of RP Supermod you may not comment on appeals/ reports without the permission of the current administrator/ supermod doing the appeals/ reports.

Rule 12:: Ban Appeals are English only.
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