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By Outspace
Hello everyone!
On the 26th of this month, we will host a Paintball Fight!

The time for event is around 5 PM EST.
Paintball Fight

You are given a paintball gun, a team, and a single hopper, if you get hit once you are out! Last team standing wins!

1. You must stay within the designated arena and wear the designated clothing! (No cosmetics or vehicles)
2. If you get hit once you must put down your gun and hit C in order to surrender and walk off the course, your team can still win after you are hit!
3. Cheating of any forms will be punishable by disqualification. This includes continuing playing after being hit or breaking rules in any other form
4. The teams will be 3 people each depending on the turnout of the event. This means that only 6 players will be going at once, if your team loses, you are eliminated from that round!
5. Remember that the goal is not to kill other players, just to hit them once. If there is situations where players are dying it will be investigated and considered kos in most scenarios.
The winning team receives a total of 45k, this means 15k to each player.
We will have 3 rounds.

Good Luck Pandas, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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