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By Outspace
Hello everyone!
On the 21st of this month, we will host a Maze Event!

The time for event is around 5 PM EST.

You will be placed in the starting area of a maze and timed until you can escape. Best three times will receive prizes.

1. You must stay within the designated arena and only use designated items.
2. You may not be inside anyone else's group while doing the maze
3. Cheating of any forms will be punishable by disqualification.
4. You may choose to perform the maze with one other person at a time, this runs the risk of you two tying. Both players must agree to this in order to save time for the event overall.
5. Remember that the goal is to have the best time, so cheating and telling other players how to complete the maze in discord or other sources is not only that, cheating, but it also lowers your own chances of winning prize money.
First place will receive 60k, second place will receive 40k, and third place will receive 20k.
We will host only one round, as repeating the same maze will not be too fun.

Good Luck Pandas, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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