Important Information regarding the servers.
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By Miku
Rule Changes:

Extra Important Rules:

Clarifying mic spamming/music:
(Added) Uber Drivers may play music through their microphone if they are driving a player to a destination for the entertainment of their passengers. The music must follow all global rules and cannot be too loud. You are responsible for anything said in the music, and staff members will have discretion over your music's volume level and its accordance to our Server Rules.
(Modified) You MAY NOT teleport or accept a teleport into or out of an RP situation (Arrest, Robbery, etc.). You may also not teleport someone else out of into an RP Situation. You may not TP people in and/or out of a mod sit unless given permission by the staff member dealing with the sit. Note: You are allowed to TP in and out of an area if you are a hitman or have a hit on you.
(Modified) You may not salvage anything when an RP event is called on you. If you are in a vehicle or a base, you cannot have players salvage an item to help you while you are in an RP event. Note: If you have a hit on you while you are actively hiding from a hitman and/or you are a hitman who is actively searching for your prey, you cannot salvage items.

RP Vehicles:
(Modified) If a player steals your vehicle and leaves your sight (instead of render distance) for more then two minutes, you can't kill them and it becomes their vehicle

Player Build Structures:
(Added) Floating structures are NOT ALLOWED. All structures need to obey the law of physics. Your base can only have 3 pillars on each side (a total of 12 pillars) to support them upwards from the ground/roof of a prefab. Note: Pillars supporting a base upwards from the bottom to the top do not count towards base dimensions, but you must state in your raid description that the base is supported by pillars upwards of x amount of floors.

Friendly Sentry Gun & Traps:
(Added) You cannot use sentries to bait people if they are not actively involved with an RP event.
(Added to end of Rule 1.) Note: You are allowed to have sentries in a shop if it cannot shoot anyone outside of the base (direct exit) and you do not bait people to die by the sentries.

New Section:
Search Warrants:
You cannot call a search warrant on a base that has no owners online.
You cannot search warrant on two bases that have only one owner at the same time.
Players must be given a reasonable amount of time to respond to any search warrants.
After completing a search warrant on a base, the searching officer must declare the search warrant over.

Thanks to the RP Admins for these changes.