Important Information regarding the servers.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

There have been several new fixes, changes, and additions across the board since our last announcement, most of which went into effect over the weekend. The full list of changes can be found below.

Roleplay Server #10
- RP France Assets Update scheduled for release yesterday, March 12th, is in effect on RP #10. More info can be found here.
- Changed VIP-MVP+ Police roles to display as Police Officer instead of Police in chat.
- Added France items and vehicles to Server Assets, Shop Permissions, and Role Kits.
- Added the ability for Chief, Deputy, and Captains to buy Flashbang [ID 1346].
- The [Administrator] chat tag for RP Admins on duty has been added back to RP #10.
- Add Docks/Marina to the map, in Seattle.

Pandahut Discord
- Updated #📌servers-faq and #📌support-faq to add instructions on how to set up Gamelink and receive Discord Raid & Decay Alerts.
- Added auto-ban triggers for common phishing bot account names to help prevent bot raids and potential scams.
- Updated various Dyno auto-responses to correct and update previously incorrect or outdated information.
- Added ignore rules to auto-response triggers in order to help prevent unnecessary bot messages.
- Added Discord GameLink and Raid Alerts Info to #📌servers-faq and #📌support-faq channels .

- Corrected the Spanish translation of global rules with the help of @PrimeBeto.
- Corrected Dutch and Polish translation of global rules with the help of @progress.

Misc. Changes
- Added Counter and Metal/Wood/Colored Cots to the list of non-placeable items in /inpoints on Vanilla+ and Semi Vanilla Servers.
- Fixed an issue on Vanilla+ Servers where items were placeable inside /inpoints areas.
- Performed minor corrections to RP#10 and Rusturned Server Descriptions in the Unturned Server Browser.
- RP #10, Unturnov, and Vanilla+ Servers #26 and #18 have been wiped, as per #votes and our Server Wipe Schedule in #🧭server-wipes.
- Fixed the link to our Service Status Page, located at and
- Removed unimportant metrics, rearranged them, and changed the title of our Service Status Page.

Should you experience any issues with the changes above, please feel get in touch with Pandahut Staff. If you'd like to leave your feedback, suggestions, or participate in our decision-making process for future changes and additions, please check out #📥suggestions and #🔖votes in the Pandahut Discord Server.

Thank you all for your continued support and happy playing! :heartfulpanda:
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