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By AnarchyMachine
yes he ıs playıng on pandahut
everyone must guess who he ıs
he ıs one of the top pvp player
ı wıll send ıt 1 day later
who fınds fırst wıll earn 10k from me
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By Nicolas
Let me guess, is it you?
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By Pablo Escobar.
it's pyro
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By PhantomPear
It’s clearly PhantomPear
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By Nicolas
Phantom pear is the pvp overlord and you cannot deny that he is
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By AnarchyMachine
Pablo Escobar. wrote: July 20th, 2020, 12:26 pm it's pyro
yes pablo escobard earned the 10k
it is pretty simple
he ıs the best pvper around here
ı know few guy who fucked wıth hım now they dead
he ıs way better then p9 or also known as noob9
he won the global tournament of unturned
now he ıs ın pandahut so he can conquer ıt whıch he wıll soon
yo pablo when u wanna get da money send me dm ın dıscord
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By Nicolas
he isn't the best pvp player lmao
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By GrandpaHoovie
Yea, that statements bullshit

great job
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By Ze Golden Pug
Wait there is pvp on ph?