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By infiniteblackdragon
I have 4GB ram, 64 bit processor, 2.00GHz CPU, and windows 8. Is this decent to play unturned? Or will I lag alot? Also will my game take too long to load? What ram do I need to not lag so much and not have to wait alot for my game to load?
By wonslowcar
saving your game on something like an SSD (solid state drive) usually makes it load faster than a normal hdd (hard disk drive). also uninstalling any unneeded modded or extra files you have saved could increase unturned load times aswell as the game needs to prepare less files
but for your ram question, iirc 4gb is enough for your everyday applications and maybe 1 or 2 games open at a time, but its recommended to have 6-8+ (i could be wrong)
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By Astro
I would suggest running 16GB of DDR4.

This will ensure you have no issues. In addition, others have mentioned getting an SSD. I would certainly do this. Grab an internal m.2 SSD online.
By Curmudgeon
6 GB for low end
8 GB for mid-end
16 GB for high-end

All DDR4 of course.

2.0 GHZ is insanely low to me.
64 Bit is standard, like most other PC's, even on the lowest of low-end PC's nowadays.
Windows 8 will probably work with Unturned but Windows 8.1-10 (I recommend 10 for obvious reasons) is what you want for most games.
What's your storage and is it a SSD (Solid-State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk-Drive)?
What's your GPU? (i.e RTX 3090 or a Titan X)
Lag is influenced by your internet speed, not your computer parts. I recommend moving around your router a bit to find it's sweet spot, closing extra devices internet (like your phone) or getting a better speed package (depends on your country and ISP).

Last time I played, I could run Pandahut with roughly 278+ FPS in Seattle.
16 GB RAM (DDR4)
RTX 2060 Super
I7-9700K 3.60 GHZ (Octa core, 16 threads)
64 bit OS, 64 bit Processor
Windows 10
256 GB SSD
90JH006WAX (Motherboard)
Encased in a Lenovo Legion C730 19ICO case with ventilation and remotely adjustable color settings.

Totally didn't do this to show off my specs
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By nbhIsHere
Do you experience lag lines?
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By nbhIsHere
In 2020 8gb is the minimum, you experience a huge fps gain from 4gb to 8gb in almost all games. so 8gb is a good choice