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By Jacklay43
Hello all. I will be hosting a Pandahut PVP Tournament, on Halloween Eve (October 30th) at 12 PM PST. Time is subject to change to help accommodate all who want to participate. I hope that we have lots of players join, and that we all have fun!

-Teams must be no less than 3 players and no more than 4 players
-No cheating of any kind, including to but not limited to external software
-No alting. All competitors must play on their original main accounts
-No teaming with those outside of your group. If caught, winnings will be forfeit and your whole group will be banned from future events
-Listen to event moderator (most likely myself) commands
-No glitching/exploiting/anything that will give you a upper hand over others (changing your gamma settings is allowed however or whatever it is people do for night pvp)
-No inting, you play to win. If caught inting to help one team win, both teams will be forfeit and banned from future events

Event outline:
-Bracket 1: MELEE PVP (players can pick their own melees, however chainsaws/jackhammers are excluded)
*Preliminary to Bracket 2, must win to advance. Best out 3 rounds wins*
-Bracket 2: FIREARM PVP (Shadowstalker MK.II excluded, otherwise all types of firearms allowed. Snipers, HMGs, etc)
*Preliminary to Bracket 3, must win to advance. Best out of 3 rounds win. Arena will be the whole town of either Everett or Tacoma. Teams will coinflip, winning team gets to pick which side of town they want to start on*
-Bracket 3: AIRCRAFT PVP (Use jets. If you choose to use a attack helicopter, I question your existence. BUT attack helicopters are allowed)
*Final round. Winning group wins top prize. Best out of 3 rounds to win. The sky is your battleground. ARMORED AIRCRAFT IS NOT ALLOWED. NO SENTRIES ON JETS OR AIRCRAFT!*

There will be a loser's bracket with smaller prize. Guidelines TBA

PRIZE MONEY: $1,000,000 PVP Bamboo split between the members in the winning group.

This event can only happen if we have a minimum of 8 total teams. Please tell your friends and make teams accordingly. Why 8 teams? That was the only way I could think of to have a proper tourney. Teams are first come, first server, as I will only be taking a max of 8 teams UNLESS there is great demand.

Best of luck to all, and I hope we all have fun.

-Team name
-Member #1 Steam profile link and username
-Member #2 Steam profile link and username
-Member #3 Steam profile link and username
-Member #4 Steam profile link and username

If the event is interrupted by someone who is not part of it, the match will restart. The audience who may be watching will act as guards around the perimeter, executing those who interfere.
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By Waypoint
I am here for the tournament, please contact me if you guys want me on your team. I'm average to bellow average on ground pvp but I will guartentee I can win a 1v3 in a jet.
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By BrotherChiChi
Yeah I would love to get in on this. Message me on discord if you are looking for a teammate. BrotherChiChi#8164
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By TomatoChunks
Currently you have it set up so that there has to be a minimum of 24 people (3 per team) for the tournament. Maybe make it a solo tournament or lower the people per team because I don't think you're gonna be able to get that many people to join.