You can talk about the Unturned servers here!
Hello Players of Unturned, I'm Gloxinia, current owner of UPL.

what is UPL you may ask? “Unturned Pro League” is a competitive skill based tournament!, players from around different servers and around the unturned community have all decided to join my tournament to compete to be the very best! All of my staff are to ensure that every player participating in my tournament are made sure that they are informed and know exactly what to do, to get you in our arena.
Every map will be a custom design, no map is the same and none will be overplayed. We are making sure you have new challenges and new experiences outside of what regular vanilla maps has offered. Every bit of effort is put into you the “Player”. Every type of tournament and any changes will be decided by you, in my polls and you all will get to decide the best on how each and every one of you will be heading against each other in the League! From what guns to put in to what map will be used in the upcoming match. We are set to launch around December for our tournament which will go into beta that has just came out of alpha. Come play and be apart of the League and see what awaits you there!

Will there be prizes?
Yes there will be, ranging from mythical cosmetics to real money!

When will this happen?
This will launch will be around December.

What do i expect from this “Unturned Pro League”?
Daily support and assistance as well as info on the upcoming game mode (ex. Duos, trios, quads)

What map will it be played on?
A wide range of maps around the size of alpha Valley that are all custom but we will add bigger projects down the line. We are always wanting to change it up!

How long are the matches?
The matches are about 30 minutes - 1 hour long depending on the staff and players and or server.

How can i join?!

Just add Chrispy#9529 ON DISCORD!!!