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By Z A
A new Staff Application has been submitted by Z A.
  • In-Game Name: helloder
  • Age: 19
  • Rank Desired: Moderator
  • Online Hours (Example: 5PM to 9PM EST): 9am to 3pm
  • Time Zone: BST
  • Time (in Hours Total) I Have Been Playing at Pandahut: 180 Hours
  • SteamID64: 501964496
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Staff Member(s) That Have Vouched for my ability:
  • Do I Have A Microphone and Am I Willing to Use It Often: Yes
  • Administrative Experience on any Other Servers, with Proof:
  • Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member: I think I should be a staff member because I am online for a lot of the day and I have the intent to be fair when it comes to banning.
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By Haaland
Very low effort on appliction
Many bans
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We would like to get more feedback on your application before deciding.
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By cotto
Good time zone/good time of day
Good hours

Extremely low effort application
Quite a few bans
Does not have a clear understanding of roleplay rules .

Overall I’m going to -1, as I don’t believe he is ready.
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By WyattL
significant amount of bans, a few of which are semi-recent
lied about hours
low effort on application
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By progress
low hours
low effort application
low intent
lied about hours
recent warn

overall -1
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By SoLow

13 bans and 7 warns over 89 hours
3 permas
Low effort
Lying on app
Recent perma
Not fit for staff