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By Astro
  • Official Roleplay Application Rules & Questions
    • All Applications are subject to these terms and rules.
    • 1.0 All of these terms and rules are subject to change at any time and consequences are dependent on the staff member and situation.
    • 1.1 All applicants should aim to have above 50 Hours in total on our Roleplay servers and should aim to be on Roleplay servers for at least 20 per two weeks. All applicants will be checked, if you have not reached the minimum hours then your application could be Declined.
    • 1.2 Bumping or unnecessarily posting on your application will lower your chances of being Accepted and you will be given a warning if you continue this behavior after this warning your application will be Declined and you will be allowed to re-apply at a later date.
    • 1.3 We will use our Ban Database to check all previous bans that have been given to the applicants. Applicants that have recorded serious incidents such as "Racism, Hacking, Hate Speech and purposely causing server lag" may find their application to be Declined without warning.
    • 1.4 If your application is Declined (Reason will be posted on your old application) then you cannot submit another application for 2 weeks. If you submit any applications during this time then your application will be Declined instantly and your forum account could be warned/terminated depending on the situation. After it is declined, the 2 week period resets.
    • 1.5 If you harass or attack anyone on your application, you will be instantly Declined, and will not be able to re-apply for 2 weeks.
    • 1.6 If you make an application and you are under 16 years old, you will have 24 hours to get permission from one of the admins below. You may not apply if you are under 13.
      • 1.6.1 If you are under 16 years old you must get an age skip in order to apply:
      • 1.6.2 You must ask a Roleplay Admin for permission to apply for Staff before you submit your application. Refer to this:
      • The ONLY Admins(as of current) that can give you permission to apply for Staff are:
        • Astro
          Extra Information
          • 1.10 Your application is not guaranteed to be Accepted or Denied based on referrals.
          • 1.11 Just because the rule you broke is not listed exactly, does not mean you cannot be punished for it. Please use common sense.
          • 1.12 You may not apply for Admin.
          • 1.13 Do not spam any staff about your application for referrals or to be Accepted. It will not help your application.
          • 1.14 Please be patient as we get many applications and try our best to sort through them all
Roleplay Application Tips

Category 1: Understanding the server and the rules.

In your “Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member” We will generally check to see what you say you can do to improve our server. Leaving this section very small will dramatically reduce your chances of being accepted. We don’t want to see two lines in this section that just say
“I am online when no staff are and I know the rules” or just “I am active and wish to help players when no staff are on.” “I am an active member and understand rules” We want to see WHAT you will do if you are granted the Trial-Moderator role, and how you wish to improve our server. We wish to see why you think you are fit for this role.

Category 2: Detail.

In “Why I Think I Should Be A Staff Member” similar to above, we want LONGER than 2 sentences. This does NOT mean we expect an essay with 15 sub sections, this means when we look at your application we expect a great amount of detail that takes longer than 5 minutes to create. If we look at it and can see that it is fairly detailed with at least a block paragraph you are in good shape. You can always go back and edit your application if after submitting it you think it is to short. If you wish for someone to overlook it and tell you if they think you should add more detail you may always submit a request on discord to any RP Administrator.

Category 3: Playtime
We will check your time on the server and assess how much experience we believe you may have. We recommend at least 100 hours for the best benefit from us, however, we do NOT demand 100 hours when applying. We have accepted players with less than 100, we have declined people with more than 100. If you apply with under 10 more than likely you will be declined for lack of playtime.

Category 4: Age and maturity.
As you read when submitting your application, we recommend players to be at least 16 when applying for no age skip. This ensures that this player will be mostly mature and maintain a professional attitude towards all age groups. If you are under 16 you may submit an application after receiving an age skip. However just because you received this age skip does not solidify your acceptance into the staff team. You must have a mature attitude both in-game, on the forums and during your application. If we see in-game that you are very immature and cannot be serious at any point, you are more than likely going to be declined if you do not meet another category above. This means before, during, and after applying you MUST MUST MUST be mature. If at some point after being accepted you start to stray from this maturity you will be talked to by an administrator.

Category 5: Ban record

If we check your ban record and have a very extensive ban record with recent bans, you are more than likely going to be declined. We do not expect a 100% clean sleight, but minimal bans with no recent bans. However, if you have a long ban record with no recent bans you may be fine as long as no other category is not met. This does not mean you will be able to have 50+ bans and be accepted. If you are very recently banned We suggest going two or three months before applying in order to have the highest possible chance of meeting a clean ban record. If you are banned while applying you may be declined even if other categories are fulfilled. If you have a permanent ban on either 10 or 13, your application will be declined. We cannot have staff on only one server with a permanent ban on another.

Above are just some of the things we check for when reviewing your application. There are of course other categories that we will check while reviewing your application, such as feedback/forum time/total time on unturned over two weeks, etc etc. If you are declined you may want to review this post and get in contact with the declining Head admin. We are more than willing to sit down and answer any questions you have about why you were declined as well as how to improve on that. We do take into consideration your experience as a staff member prior if you have been resigned/demoted/if you are a current pvp staff member. If you are any of those 3 you must STILL meet all categories above. If you are declined with no explanation as to why you were declined, just the declining message, be sure to contact that admin to gather the reasons why. We will not ignore a “why was I declined -insert link to application here-” as we DO want you to reapply. Any current staff member will also answer any questions you may have before applying. Just shoot us a message and Don’t spam message us about your application and do not spam message us the same question, if that staff member didn’t respond to it, try another!
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