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The RP Administration team decided to make most of the RPStaff training public. This post will include almost all the FAQ questions that each staff member must know. RP Trial Moderators are quizzed on this information by the Trainer, a Super Moderator or Administrator. Let's begin!
What do I do if I get reported by a player or Staff member?
The first thing you should do is to respond with your side of the story with what happened. You should not be attacking anyone in your response and be sure to choose your words carefully. Choose your words carefully. Choose your words carefully.
What is log snooping?
Log snooping is when you look at logs for no valid reason. This can include leaving logs open even after you are done with them. The Administrators can and will check to see if you are log snooping. If caught, you can be punished for it. You should not look at logs for your or your group/friend(s) advantage.
What should I do the moment I become Trial Moderator?
You should first go and reread all the rules and important information in the modules of the Forums. These are Ban Appeals, Law Enforcement, Reports, & Applications.
What is the #rpstaffquestions channel? Are there any rules for using the channel?
The channel is meant for any RPStaff member to ask questions on what to do in a situation or anything else they might inquire about. Only a Super Moderator and should respond to you. If it is an emergency, Moderators can answer you.
What is the #staffrequests channel?
The channel is used for Staff to contact or ask another Staff member for assistance, to do something, or something else. For example, you can ask for Staff to get on RP to assist with sits or to unban another player if you accidentally ban someone who you weren't supposed to ban.
Can I tell a player who falsely raided them? Can I tell a player who fairly raided them?
If the base was falsely raided, you are allowed to tell the player and the whole world who raided it. If the raid was fair, you are not allowed to tell who raided them. If you do, you will be in trouble.
What is a structure? What is a barricade?
Barricades: Doors, Storage, Freeform objects, Beds, etc (anything that isn't a structure).
Structures: Floors, Walls, Pillars, Doorways, roofs, & window frames.
How can I get promoted?
You should not mess up. You should be professional and mature when dealing with all players, regardless of who they are and what they did. If you feel like you are going to be biased, ask for another Staff member to deal with it. You should be active and friendly to people. Make yourself known.
How can I get demoted?
Do the opposite of "How can I get promoted?". You can also resign or abuse.
Am I required to ask someone if I can TP them to me in a sit?
Yes, you are required to ask. You are required to wait for the player to get out of an RP event in the case that they are in one. Example: ZERO is in a kidnapping. You should not TP them to you if they are in an RP event.
Can I TP to someone if they are in an RP event and can I TP someone to me if they are in an RP event?
No. You will have to wait till it is over. You should not TP to a player for no reason as well. You should also not TP someone to you if you or the player is in an RP event. That is abuse.
What qualifies as abuse? What do I do if I accidentally abuse?
Abuse is using your powers for you or someone else's advantage. It is also using your powers for absolutely no valid reason. If you accidentally abuse, you should first contact an RP Administrator and explain the issue. Hiding it from them is not wise and stupid. If you accidentally abuse a player, you should apologize profusely to the player and tell the player where they can report you on the Forums if they wish. You should then contact an RP Administrator and explain the issue.
Can I TP someone to a player or a location they were previously at after a sit is done?
Yes, you are allowed to do this. You should first TP to the location and then TP them to you. You should then TP back to the nearest location you were at prior to starting the sit. If the player asks to be TPed to another player, you are required to ask the player who will be TPed to if this is okay and if they want you to TP to them. If they say yes, go ahead and TP to them and TP the player to you and the other player. You should then TP back to the nearest location you were at prior to starting the sit. If they say no, tell the player who wants to TP to the player who said no to either TP to their nearest location they were at prior to the sit. You are allowed to leave them there if they wish to not get TPed to someone or somewhere.
What should I do if I accidentally mess up?
Depending on what it is, you should ask yourself if it is abuse or a simple mistake. If it is abuse, follow the guide I talked about above. If it is a simple mistake, contact your trainer and explain what happened so they can train you in that area a bit more.
Can I deal with sits that involve a member in my group?
No. You should not deal with sits involving members in your own group, unless given permission to do so by a Super Mod or above. You can ask for permission in #staffrequests, or ask for someone to get on.
Can I check false raids for my group members?
No. Contact a Staff member who is not in the group you and the player are in. Only someone outside of the group you and the player is in should deal with the false raid check.
Can I deal with sits involving other Staff members who were reported in-game?
No. You should not deal with other staff members who were reported by a player. You should ask another Staff member who is at the rank of Moderator or above. If the Staff member asks you to deal with a sit that they were the victim in, you are allowed to deal with it.
Can I train other Staff members?
No. You are not an RP Trainer.
What should I do if logs don't help me in a sit?
You should see if any of the players involved have video proof of what happened. If they do, they should send it in #rpsupport or in your DMs. If no player has any evidence and it is a situation of word-against-word, you should warn both sides for ContradictingStory and restore whoever needs a restore.
Am I required to always check logs?
Yes, you should always check logs, regardless of your own opinion or what you witnessed. Always. Always. Always.
What qualfies as a new player?
A new player is a player that has played for under two hours on RP. You can do /checktime <name> (Example: /checktime zero) to check their RP time in the server.
How many hours do I need to have to be considered active?
RP Trial Moderators & RP Moderators must have at least 20 hours in the past two weeks. RP Super Moderators must have either 20 hours in the past two weeks or at least 10 hours and deal with 3 appeals/reports (depending on how many there are) to get mod pay.
What is mod discretion?
Mod discretion is the idea that you have flexibility in punishments. You can decide to ban, warn, or ignore something. You should use common sense for this, but you have flexibility on typical things such as KOS and caps.
Will I ever be tested in-game?
Yes. We have done this before to other RPStaff members and we have not been pleased with a few of their actions. Please be on your best behavior and follow the guidelines. If you do so, you will be outstanding!
Can I TP and watch other Staff members do sits?
Yes. This is a learning experience for you and you are certainly welcomed to do so.
How can I get a player's Steam 64 ID?
Get their Steam Profile Link and go to #staffcommands. Then do !id64 <Steam Profile Link> and you will then get their Steam 64 ID.
How should I deal with a typical KOS sit?
First, you should TP the person who reported the KOS and the player who KOSed & and also cuff both of them. Then, you should ask what happened. Once you get an understanding of what happened, get the ID64 of the player who KOSed and go to soft logs. Press CTRL + F and paste the ID into the bar. Search for the damage logs and see who damaged who first, see if there was an RP event that was in progress and/or if the RP event ended just seconds before the player was damaged or killed, & see if the player was killed or not entirely. After you have that information, go back in-game and ask the player who KOSed if they did so and why. After they explain, proceed with mod discretion. Restore the player who was killed and TP them to the location they were at or leave them there if they wish.
How should I deal with a typical sit about someone damaging a player's car?
First, you should get the ID64 of the owner of the car. You should then ask the person what type of car it is. You should then go to #rp10extralogs in the PH Discord and press CTRL + F and paste the ID into the bar. Then, find the damage logs for the car and see who damaged it. You can then take the ID64 and proceed with a ban or warn (if the player is on).
How should I deal with a typical sit about someone damaging a player's structure or barricades (NOT A COMPLETE FALSE RAID, BUT JUST SOMEONE WHO DAMAGED IT).
First you should grab the owner's ID64. You should ask the owner what was damaged so you know what you are looking for. You should then go to #rp10extralogs in the PH Discord and press CTRL + F and paste the ID into the bar. You will then find the damage logs for what was damaged. Once you have the damage logs, you will then copy and paste the coordinates (Example: /tp 593.0595 44.69276 36.14543 ) and make sure the coordinates match what was damaged. Once you have confirmed that it is the right base and the barricade/structure that was damaged, see if the player who did this was online. If he was, TP him for a sit and ask why he did this. Proceed with the sit using mod discretion.
If the player who damaged the base for no reason (you can view if the player who damaged it was in a raid or not) was offline, you should treat this as false raid.
What should I do if someone logged during a sit?
The moment they log, you should first wait about five minutes to see if the crashed or if they really logged to ban evade. If they don't log on within five minutes, you can ban for ban evade and/or NoIntent (depending on the situation).
Where do I find logs for damage done to a vehicle?
You will find that in the Pandahut Discord under the #rp10extralogs channel.
How should I handle myself while I give my opinion on any Applications?
First, you should take into consideration that you might not know the player very well. You should look at their timezone and how they present themselves in their application so you can give a more accurate opinion of them from you. You should be mature and not attack someone. If you don't want someone to be Staff, you can say that the player isn't staff material and list reasons why. Simply putting a -1 and no reason or small reasons such as "toxic toxic toxic" won't do you or the applicant good. Be specific and be mature.
What should I do if someone is annoying me on Discord?
You have a decent amount of options in this scenario. If the player(s) really get to you, you can block them and move on. If it isn't at that point yet, you can simply ignore them. You should be mature and not become passive-aggressive.
Can I be a middleman for an RP trade as a Staff member?
No. You cannot be a "middleman" for anything as a Staff member. Being the middleman can be defined as "watching the RP trade to make sure nothing goes wrong". This is RP and you should deal with trades in an RP way. We have rules in place to prevent and punish scamming. If you scam someone, the victim will be restored and the scammer will be punished. Only help in an RP trade if someone broke the rules.
What should I do if someone tells me I am stuck and can't get out of a location?
First, ask them how they are stuck. If the player is allowed to get out of that location (an RP event might prohibit them from TPing you), then ask them to send you a TP request. Accept it if they send one to you. If they say they can't TP out, tell them you are going to TP them to you directly using /tp <name>. TP them out and go out of duty. They can't be TPed anywhere else. Only to you. You cannot use your powers for anything else and you should not try to do an RP event on the player (robbery, kidnap, etc.). Just leave them alone for five minutes at least. Use common sense.
Can I do a 1v1 with another player?
No, you cannot. You are not allowed to do this as it breaks the RP rules. It is FailRP, breaks FearRP, AttemptKOS, and KOS. If you do this, you can be punished. Don't do it and don't let others do it.
Should I tell other Staff members that I am taking a sit if someone needs one?
If someone requests for a sit and there is multiple Staff members online and you are going to handle the sit, tell them in /sc. This will avoid confusion and possible drama.
Should I always hear out both sides to an argument in a sit, even if logs tell me that it was someone breaking the rules?
Yes, you should always be sure to listen to both sides in a sit so you can get a better understanding of the situation. Logs may show who damaged who and other things, but it does not always show what is going through the player's mind when it happens.
Should I explain to the player that I am banning them, why I am banning them, and what they did wrong?
Yes, you should always explain why you are banning the player(s) so they can know what not to do next time to avoid getting banned again. This will make the player aware of their wrongdoing.
Should I always cuff the player(s) when I am in a sit?
Yes. You should always cuff the player(s) when I am in a sit with them.
Where should I do sits?
Normally sits take place in the Seattle TP box (/tp seattle). You can also use the Everett TP box (/tp everett). If those spots are taken, the next best place is at Clearwater Campground (/tp clearwater). Please only do sits there instead of in the middle of Seattle where lots of things can take place.
Who can wipe bases with staff abilities?
Only RP Administrators can wipe bases. All other ranks are free to put up base wipe warning signs. Here is the message most frequently used by staff:
<color=red>Base Wipe Warning</color>
<color=#00f>Reason:<color=#fff> Oversized base with no permit!
</color>Fix By: <color=red>10/3/2020 4 PM EST</color>
Notice By ZERO</color>
Can I write "No Appeal" or "Appeal in 1 Month" on a ban description?
No, you cannot tell a player they cannot appeal until x amount of days nor can you tell them they cannot appeal.
Can I forward appeals and deal with the forums?
Any RP Moderator and above may forward appeals to the staff member who banned the player, but RP Moderators cannot deal with appeals, only Supers and above can. RP Moderators still cannot forward player and staff reports.
What Pandahut websites should I know and use?
Main Pandahut Website:
Pandahut Stats:
Pandahut Bans:
Can I ban staff members if they break the rules?
No, you cannot ban a staff member, unless they are strictly abusing, mass kosing, etc. and it requires an immediate ban. If you are dealing with a staff member that broke the rules (if you are RP Moderator that is), you can only warn them at most, but even then, you should typically just tell the victim to report the staff member on the forums, then let an administrator know about what happened.
Can I run events as a staff member?
No, you cannot run events as a STAFF member. You can do events as a PLAYER though. There is a big difference. Player-held events MUST follow the rules and cannot try to loophole the rules to do so as well. Only RP Administrators can do events that break the rules. You can get permission from an RP Administrator to hold a rule-breaking event though. If you have any questions, please DM ZERO.
What should I do if someone Mass KOSes and they KOSed me or a group member?
You should cuff the player and stop them. Tag for RPStaff to get on in #staffrequests and explain the situation.
Am I always required to give a sit?
Yes, if both players are online, you must give them a proper sit. You must get both sides of the story from each party. We don't expect you to get offline players back online though.
Who should I talk to first about having questions?
You should go to your trainer first preferably. Next you can use #rpstaffquestions and wait for a response there.
Can I deal with my own sit?
No, you cannot deal with your own sit (or your group member's sit) unless given permission by a Super or higher. You should ask in #staffrequests if anyone can get on to deal with the sit. Note: In serious situations where a mass koser kills you and many others, you are free to deal with it if no one responds when you ask for another staff member to get on.
What do I do if someone asks for another staff member to deal with a sit that I'm dealing with?
If someone asks for another staff member, you should ask in #staffrequests to see if anyone can get on. If no one gets on, you can still deal with the sit. My suggestion though is to simply wait for another staff member (if it's a minor thing like KOS), even if no one responds, because that will eliminate any bias, problems, etc.
Can my in-game name be whatever I want it to be?
Yes, but it must be recognizable with your discord name. If you have to get on to do something discretely, you're free to change your name, but be sure to change it back later on.
This concludes most of the RP FAQ used to train our RPStaff members. Please note that not all of these FAQs apply to RP Administrators. Only RP Super Moderators and RP Administrators can be an RP Trainer. This post will be updated whenever there are changes. If you wish to join the training discord to ask any questions, please join through the link below or DM an RP Super Moderator or RP Administrator.
Discord Link: