You can talk about anything you ever want here! (Within Pandahut Rules)

She was talking to Flopdup, me and K.Rome made some jokes to her about it then she DM's K.Rome this... pretty much sums up the Admins.
I feel offended
I'm gonna keep it short then lock this to prevent drama.
If you have a problem with a joke I made, please actually dm me and wait for my response rather than making a forums rant before I respond
Yeah that's really it, it's a joke and I had to leave before I could continue the conversation? I literally used a pog emoji.

I agree that it can be taken in bad context, so I'll never make a joke like this again to avoid situations like this. Lesson learned that people cannot be mature enough to take jokes.
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This is not a very mature attempt at taking something out of context to try and create drama. You're right in saying that Pandahut can be improve, just as it will when the repercussions to this little cry for attention fully come about.