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By GraniteM Hotshots
Whoever is FlopDop's friend press :thumbsup:
Whoever is not FlopDop's friend press :thumbsdown:
(For Da Memes)
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By Burned
The homie, he’s funny and flop is mature/serious when necessary. Love this guy.
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By Flopdup
stop making posts about the thing that outspace said
we all know Im ImMAtuRE
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By Saf
eyyyye, nice cock
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By Classified_
Flopdup has no friends, nor is he mature.

Ask how he "left" RP in 2017

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By TheBlueBerryLord
Where are my blt's
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By Chromatic
Prdnuo sam
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By Mushy
We can joke around, but this topic is not going in the right direction nor does it belong in General.

I apologize for our staff members' behavior on behalf of PH.
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