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By gamerdude1
sorry if im flooding the rp help fourm so im packing as many of the questions i can think of have inside this (within reason)

note that this was written in the course of several days as I kept adding more so you might see some weird changes between parts and questions

Part 1: raids

so I was on #10 and I was going around and seeing a lot of reaided bases and I was confused becasue one still had 9 exposed lockers inside (which utterly confused me). My origional thought is that i would have to do the normal /raid commnd but i wasnt the right role and I decided not to (as there were a lot of cops as well). then later I saw someone (not going to say who it was so i dont risk them getting banned for raiding without a commnad) useing a dragonfang to raid some exposed lockers but he didnt have the raid command on and I could walk right up withought getting shot, and he didnt shoot me so he/she knew that there was no raid command.

long story short i was confused by this and was wondering if you can raid exposed storages without doing the /raid command even though in th rules it says that you have to.

again I was on #10 and I did my first raid with anorther first raider we chose a building set the command up activated the command we were the only one online so we didnt have to worry about other people. when we did the raid though
we waisted 4 frag nades 5 makshift nades 3 stickynads ,and 4 timnerwolf mags on a single regular metal door and didnt even break it. can someone tell me what went wrong Because I whant to know why I wasted the raiding mats.

(btw the building was the ¨totally not a blackmarket¨ shop in the seattle mall)

part 2: bases

are floorbases allowed (i think ive seen one)

is there a max storage lamp cagelight or any other lag genarating baracades allowed in a base

are people allowed to make road police checkpoints and buildings that stick of the side of bridges and stuff
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By Miku
In order for a structure to be considered a base, it must at least have a claimed bed or storage container. If it is considered a base, you have to use the raid command. If it's a random storage container in a field, you can destroy it.

Timberwolves are low caliber and cannot damage metal objects. Makeshift grenades also cannot damage barricades. Frag Grenades do 50% health, sticky grenades do 100%. Normal Metal Doors have 900% health. Should explain why that didn't break it. Most people just raid with Dragonfangs.

Floor bases are allowed, yea

There isn't hard limits or storage or lights, just nothing excessive/that could cause lag. Storage-wise you can have as many that fit into your base, they don't cause lag. Light-wise, they can cause lag, so just don't spam them everywhere. If you just build in a normal prefab or build house (within the building limits), then unless you purposefully fill up the entire thing with lights, you're not going to run into any issues.

You cannot block the roads at all.

If you have any other questions, you'd be best off asking them in our Discord (

Please note all these answers apply to Pandahut #10 RP only, and things are slightly different on Pandahut #13 RP.
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By gamerdude1
Thanks for the help