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By Mushy

Before making a Topic make sure you are on the correct Help Forum

We have recently added a RP Help Forum and you may be wondering 'Why? You had the normal Help Forum'
Well we can use this one for RP only and not get mixed up with things like my donation didn't work etc.

Ban appeals should still be made in the ban appeal section and so should reports:
Here for RP appeals -
Here for RP player Reports -
This is more for Rule Clarifications and basically asking RP staff questions so you can have a fun enjoyable experience playing Pandahut!

I have listed some common problems which pop up in the other Help Forum which is meant for RP:
*I was accidentally banned from the RP servers!
*Can I get staff online? I need help with this rule?
*Rule clarifications E.G. Can you kill someone if they shoot your tires?
*I just got KOSed can a Staff Member help me please?

You can also use TeamSpeak / Discord for this but for people without access to these programs you can use the Help Forum!

There will obviously be many more problems but I am showing examples of why this would need to be used and why it would be useful for our RP players!

*Please do not spam topics about the same thing. Everything will be dealt with in it's own time. You could be punished for spamming topics.
*Please make sure it's something to do with Roleplay, if it's not about Roleplay Servers go here -
*Do not be disrespectful towards anyone in these Topics

Happy playing! :party:
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