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By Loxtonjoel

Recently I have been thinking about new guides to do, I will be doing a Roleplay Player reports and Ban Appeals hopefully some time in the further. Anyways I will be making this guide to help you, the players who need help with the help forums, ironic aren't it. The help forums are a great place to gain help from our friendly staff team with issues of yours some of the issues you might be having are;
  • Help with rules

    These are just examples, some more apply, don't worry if it's in the wrong place when staff reply to it as they can move it for you!

    We do not unban people on the help forums if you are appealing a ban please do so in our Roleplay Ban Appeals section.

    If you are reporting a KOSer or a general rule break please do so in our Roleplay Player Reports section.

    Helpful format!
    You can use this format if you want, might make it easier for you to explain and us to help you.
    Code: Select all[b][u]A new help-forum post has been submitted[/u][/b] Player name: Steam64ID: Help forum request (Example Roleplay Bug or I need clarification on a rule): Server: Explanation: Extra Info:
    Hopefully this helped you. We also have a Discord ( which we will likely answer faster on, at least for less-complicated situations.
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