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By lautadell24
(Copied and pasted from my discord post) I raided a guy, killed some cops in the raid, then got tped to an admin (cotto), and the cop that killed me had my loot (bandit kit + machineswesger) and he dropped it to show the evidence of the raid to cotto, immediatly cotto grabs my gun without me noticing, After cotto went to seattle, i asked the cop if he got my gun, he says cotto had it and then i Tpa to cotto only for him to say that its "fair loot" because the cop dropped it

Too long didnt read
Raid, then admin tped to me, admin grabbed my airdrop loot, then says its fair for him to grab it, and tells me he sold it
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By Miku
You made a proper report here already and it has been responded to: ... 03#p176903
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By Kmsm73.

This was solved and now locked!!