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By Bvl123
Pandahut #10 server RP Hello earlier Today my small 1x1 base on the hill behind the Vault was raided by Caladius after he tpd to me for Adminhelp since I was going to sell a High VALUE item and I didnt want to get scammed.. I was very clear i would not show this item unless it was to an admin so he could confirm to the buyer i owned this, for saftey reasons and caladius agreed.He tpd and I showed to him, But I decided not to sell this item. to the other player That was interested. 10 -15min later caladius re joins and I see him Lurking around my base and He does the Raid to Get the Item.... Not only that but He instantly Kills me when he called the raid. Didnt wait the 5 mins.... Please help ty. Ingame name Leo.
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By Halo
Hey @Bvl123, Seeing as you have already opened an report here: and it is in the process of being responded to, I'll be marking this post as solved/locked! Thanks! :heartfulpanda: